Install individual packages via GUI

Will it be possible in the future? At this point, it seems that only the yay command is used to install packages.

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It is possible now, but you have to use yay to install the graphical package manager.

I recommend pamac-classic.

pamac-aur-git :heart_eyes:

Thanks for the reply. What is the reason that Pamac is not included in the standard installation and is therefore not recommended for use?

Arch does not have an official graphical package manager.

pamac-aur = manjaro

That is true, but the predecessor Antergos Linux still had a graphical package installer.

yes, on the antergos depot

in addition there was often a late version

Actually pacman is the main and official package management tool (for more info, use terminal command man pacman). Yay and pacman are rather similar command line tools. Yay supports also AUR (unofficial packages) but pacman doesn’t.

I recommend learning to use pacman well. Then yay is easy to use if AUR software is needed. Note that all AUR software is not officially supported by EndeavousOS.

There are some GUI tools, like pamac-classic and pamac-aur. They are not supported by EndeavourOS, but many people use them.


Pamac caused several problems in Antergos. And pacman is the only officially supported by Arch.

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I’d like to refer you to the following post:

This will give you some more info on our philosophy.


Thanks, I read. What I mean by this is that EndeavourOs is closer to Arch than Antergos, and therefore perhaps less beginner friendly. Am I correct?

I think that the idea to “force” us a bit to use pacman in the terminal is not a bad concept to get us confortable to use pacman in the terminal.


We’re not aiming at Linux noobs with this distro, for that group, there’s a variety of distros out there and on the Arch-based distros, Manjaro and RebornOS are doing a great job for them. We are aiming at people who are distro-hopping for years and people who are looking for a fast and easy Arch install. This group of people have a certain extent of knowledge what Linux is about and we’re offering users the opportunity to extend their knowledge on Linux.
If you’ve seen or heard the media reviews on us, then one opinion really sticks out: We’ve got raving reviews for the fact that we’re so close to Arch and some of them even called us unique in comparison with other Arch-based distros.
This is the vision we always had in our mind for EndeavourOS and it turns out to be working well.
Last week’s post explains our vision and I’m going to bring this message even further out to the media, we took another road than Antergos and now the difference between RebornOS and EndeavourOS is very clear, this was always the goal.
The terminal combined with the knowledge the community has is the heart of this distro.


hello, we must take pamac-aur as a recipe book and install with terminal software, from elsewhere pamac-aur ream a little ass on the latest versions

what arch got to offer with some research in the wiki’s and the entrance you get from those you beable to do

pacman -S pamac-aur

dont say its prety stable with arch based distro, actually there is lot choice’s. there are repo’s out there mayby unofficial arch repo’s that contains pamac as example. but for yay is a nice choice to choose. personal i like a stable packagemanager that based out of pacman not libalmp directly. because pamac is a own monster in the end. pacman is for that rocksolid. but there is always a bunch to choose anyway…

repo :

pcurses - cli for terminal

aur :

pamac-aur (&classic)
tkpacman (debianish) tk/tcl
vpacman (bit unfinish pacmanXG look a like) tk/tcl
thepackage - qt5 kinda unfinish

edit : for lovers that likes to browse in repo and aur : pkgbrowser :slight_smile:

with some help , we can always help each other :slight_smile:

I installed pamac-aur-git on my setup and I am comfortable that I need to “maintain” it myself. It’s a handy tool for browsing repositories. For any “difficult” upgrades it flags, for example kernel updates, I always use pacman in a terminal. It just seems the wiser way to go. :slight_smile:


I’m using pamac-aur without issues. whats the advantage of pamac-aur-git?

My use of pamac is simular, I also use it to more easily navigate the repos not to mention its very good at bulk installing.

i say dont bother unless you like possibly more aggrivation and or like bleeding edge.
If you have no issues with pamac-aur dont bother with the git version

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