Install fractional scaling support under EndeavourOS Gnome Xorg

I recently used the latest EndeavourOS ISO to install Gnome on my ThinkPad X1 Extreme 2, which has a NVIDIA GTX 1650 Mobile dGPU. I managed to get fractional scaling working under Xorg.

To enable fractional scaling on X11, we need to install these 2 packages:

  • mutter-x11-scaling
  • gnome-control-center-x11-scaling

But gdm and chrome-gnome-shell prevented the installation. So I had to remove them. After that the installation proceeded successfully.

Finally I installed back gdm and chrome-gnome-shell (less important and can be done separately). After reboot, fractional scaling works very smoothly on my external monitor.

In the screenshot, I have 27 inch Dell 4K monitor at 150% while the built-in 15.6 inch 4K screen at 200%. This was impossible via UI previously.


The latest mutter-x11-scaling and gnome-control-center-x11-scaling can be installed straight away. No need to touch gdm.


Its odd because I never had a problem with that. But last time I tried gnome on the thinkpad extreme was about a year ago. I guess before gnome 40.


I have fractional scaling enable in Gnome Wayland on a Thinkpad T470s. I used the article referenced in the below post:

This is from Ubuntu based distros. I never know it works on Arch base distros.

No problem. I looked into it as this is my first Thinkpad with a WQHD screen. I tend a dual monitor configuration so this is handy.

I kind of wonder why its experimental. Seems to be a priority for the community to test. Would be nice to have the option to turn these on in gnone tweaks (or extension) as Gnome likes us running in production with extensions vs incorporating the feature :laughing: