Install Discover by default

Please consider adding Discover, Discover Packagekit backend, Flatpak, Discover Flatpak backend to the KDE default install

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I am afraid this is unlikely to happen on EnOS which encourages the use of terminal for system management in general. Also using packagekit to install/update packages is not recommended on Arch (-based) systems since it will obscure the package management process and consequently the user will not be aware of those situations where a manual intervention is needed thus leading, sooner or later, to “uncalled for” issues.


From the website:


This is not a good idea. You should avoid using packagekit on any arch-based distro. Packagekit has no ability to provide manual input for installing/upgrading your packages. This will eventually lead to a broken system.

If you prefer a graphical package manager, use bauh, octopi or pamac. If you choose pamac, be aware it targets the Manjaro repos and is often broken on pure Arch-based distros.


EOS is a terminal/user centric distro with a vibrant community that provides the user with near vanilla installs along with an EOS repo and some additional tools. Pacman is the package manager for this Arch based system. Yay is also provided to install AUR packages. Welcome to the Purple machine! :rocketa_purple:


:rofl: definitely new to EOS, welcome to the forum :grin:

Are you trolling?


also likes to do partial updates from what i remember which is a big no no

you can do this on your own and it encourages usage of packagekit which doesnt play nice with Arch.

Even without the packagekit bits if you want them for flatpak just install them no need for it on default. Lets keep the extra to a minimum shall we?

was wondering that myself

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You are better suited to use a different distro then Arch based. :hugs:


We all know why. :hugs: