Inkscape eps lxml error how to fix it(open eps files)

I was installing Inkscape and I got a lxml error when trying to open eps files in inkpscape or importing them, so I tried to search for answers and I got the python-lxml to install it solution.
It works simple as that, just install it and there you go!


You can always see which packages add extra functionality by checking the optional dependencies, for example:

$pacman -Si inkscape
Optional Deps   : fig2dev: xfig input
                  gvfs: import clip art
                  pstoedit: latex formulas
                  python-lxml: some extensions
                  python-numpy: some extensions
                  scour: optimized SVG output, some extensions
                  texlive-core: latex formulas

Did not know that, try it on gimp too, thanks a lot!

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