INIT NOT FOUND when trying to install the last eos.iso With NVIDIA drivers option

Hi friends.

I want to do a fresh install of EOS on my SSD.

I just did this and followed the same procedure as always. Select the second option “install with NVIDIA DRIVER”, and press enter.

But I get a red error, which if I remember correctly says something like:

######## INIT NOT FOUND ##########

All EOS ISOs have always worked fine for me, this is the first time this has happened to me. I only use EOS on my SSD, I have never installed another operating system.

Does anyone know how I can install the latest EOS ISO without this error appearing?

Thanks in advance.

Don’t use ventoy. :wink: That’s likely your issue.

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Hi friend. Do you mean, ventoy is usually not the best choice for burning ISOs and that may be the problem?

The previous EOS ISO worked with my Ventoy, does that mean it is no longer supported? I never had any problems with ventoy before. But I understand.

So, what is the best GUI app to install EOS ISOs then? I’m looking at:

But there are many. Thank in advance.

Sometimes ventoy has to be updated also? It’s just not one of my choices. :wink:

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Oh that’s right, I forgot that, let me check!

Try booting in Ventoy’s “grub2” mode (instead of “normal” mode) on the menu after you select the ISO.

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Thank you very much, that solved my problem!

I was using the same version of Ventoy for a long time without updating it and the EOS ISOs always worked correctly, so I thought it was not necessary to update Ventoy.

From now on I will update my Ventoy version of my flash drive more continuously.

Thanks again for your help friend!

Thank you very much friend, but I just read your post a little late and updating Ventoy solved the problem hours ago, so I couldn’t try “Boot in grub2 mode”, maybe it would have worked.

Anyway, this may help me in the future. What exactly does “grub2” do as opposed to “normal”?

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It is a special mode that is available for Linux ISOs. It can work around certain kinds of firmware issues. I occasionally will have an ISO where normal mode does not work but grub2 mode does.

If you are interested, they explain grub2 mode a little bit on this page here:

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