[Info] Linux 5.15 released

Correct. There is no manual switching needed for any standard Arch kernel.

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Yes. If you run linux-lts it will switch automatically from 5.10 to 5.15

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And 5.10 should be added to the kernel-lts repo for those who still prefer / require 5.10.


I think you can still get 4.19 if required although I haven’t checked this. There is no reason “legacy” things should not be available to those who want them. They take up little space. Let us not forget our history, it is how we arrived here!

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All lts kernels still maintained on kernel.org are available …

$ pacman -Sl kernel-lts
kernel-lts haveged 1.9.14-1
kernel-lts lib32-nvidia-390xx-utils 390.144-1
kernel-lts lib32-nvidia-470xx-utils 470.82.00-2
kernel-lts lib32-opencl-nvidia-390xx 390.144-1
kernel-lts lib32-opencl-nvidia-470xx 470.82.00-1
kernel-lts libxnvctrl-390xx 390.144-1
kernel-lts libxnvctrl-470xx 470.82.00-1
kernel-lts linux-lts414 4.14.253-1
kernel-lts linux-lts414-docs 4.14.253-1
kernel-lts linux-lts414-headers 4.14.253-1
kernel-lts linux-lts419 4.19.214-1
kernel-lts linux-lts419-docs 4.19.214-1
kernel-lts linux-lts419-headers 4.19.214-1
kernel-lts linux-lts44 4.4.290-1
kernel-lts linux-lts44-docs 4.4.290-1
kernel-lts linux-lts44-headers 4.4.290-1
kernel-lts linux-lts49 4.9.288-1
kernel-lts linux-lts49-docs 4.9.288-1
kernel-lts linux-lts49-headers 4.9.288-1
kernel-lts linux-lts510 5.10.76-1
kernel-lts linux-lts510-docs 5.10.76-1
kernel-lts linux-lts510-headers 5.10.76-1
kernel-lts linux-lts54 5.4.156-1
kernel-lts linux-lts54-docs 5.4.156-1
kernel-lts linux-lts54-headers 5.4.156-1
kernel-lts nvidia-390xx-dkms 390.144-2
kernel-lts nvidia-390xx-settings 390.144-1
kernel-lts nvidia-390xx-utils 390.144-1
kernel-lts nvidia-470xx-dkms 470.82.00-1
kernel-lts nvidia-470xx-settings 470.82.00-1
kernel-lts nvidia-470xx-utils 470.82.00-2
kernel-lts opencl-nvidia-390xx 390.144-1
kernel-lts opencl-nvidia-470xx 470.82.00-1

5.10 just added too … @jonathon got it covered even before 5.15 hits testing.

Arch users should have this repo enabled IMHO … I would argue that EOS next ISO should have this enabled by default also. Could help also with installing the correct nvidia driver during installation, with 390 and 470 binaries available.


Yeah, you most certainly can, and it still works fine.

The easiest way to install it is this:

It would be nice if it could be made as an option in Calamares, but I don’t think it should be included by default on every install. Most people won’t need this, and for them this will just slow down db synching on every update (not to mention, generate unnecessary traffic towards @jonathon’s mirrors). However for those who do need legacy kernels and drivers, this repo is very convenient.

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@otherbarry @Kresimir Thanks for the info. I think it’s good for people to know these things. I don’t think these options should be default however: too many choices could be confusing for a newcomer, and perhaps lead to unwise choices. Maybe an article in EnOS Discover (wiki/knowledge base) might be useful?

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I couldn’t disagree more with that!

There is no such thing as too much choice. If you think that, you should be using windoze.

I did say “newcomer”! Perhaps not for me, or a Frog :stuck_out_tongue:

Does this mean I can just remove the ntfs-3g package?

We don’t need such newcomers, these are the worst people that exist, mindless zombies who lack free will.

Without newcomers how else do we bend humanity to our will and achieve our goal of EnOS world domination!

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You underestimate newcomers. Those you describe are an insignificant minority.

This is what I meant, you would have to manually select it, like all the other options on the latest ISO.

EOS mirrors may be able to help out, but cart is before the horse currently.


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Do you have a link - please?

No - need - I remembered https://www.kernel.org/releases.html

But it is still EOL before 5.10


There are usually several “longterm maintenance” kernel releases provided for the purposes of backporting bugfixes for older kernel trees. Only important bugfixes are applied to such kernels and they don’t usually see very frequent releases, especially for older trees.

Version Maintainer Released Projected EOL
5.15 Greg Kroah-Hartman & Sasha Levin 2021-10-31 Oct, 2023
5.10 Greg Kroah-Hartman & Sasha Levin 2020-12-13 Dec, 2026
5.4 Greg Kroah-Hartman & Sasha Levin 2019-11-24 Dec, 2025
4.19 Greg Kroah-Hartman & Sasha Levin 2018-10-22 Dec, 2024
4.14 Greg Kroah-Hartman & Sasha Levin 2017-11-12 Jan, 2024
4.9 Greg Kroah-Hartman & Sasha Levin 2016-12-11 Jan, 2023
4.4 Greg Kroah-Hartman & Sasha Levin 2016-01-10 Feb, 2022

It depends on your installation. Some programs still need it as a (optional) dependency.

yay -R ntfs-3g 
[sudo] Passwort für *****: 
Abhängigkeiten werden geprüft …
:: gparted benötigt optional ntfs-3g: for ntfs partitions
:: udisks2 benötigt optional ntfs-3g: NTFS filesystem management support

Paket (1)  Alte Version  Netto-Veränderung

ntfs-3g    2021.8.22-1           -1,76 MiB

Gesamtgröße der entfernten Pakete:  1,76 MiB

:: Möchten Sie diese Pakete entfernen? [J/n]
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depend who sponsor it later on. EOL is subjective it can last longer…

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They always start out that way. The date gets extended later once enough people have signed on to maintain it.


When will this happen? Both of my computers running EOS with LTS Kernel are still on 5.10.

5.15 is still the current kernel. It wouldn’t make much sense to have 5.15 also be the LTS kernel at the moment.

5.15 will become the new linux-LTS at some point after 5.16 is released. There is no official timeline for it; it’ll happen when it happens.

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