Inconsistent audio volume in Firefox

The volume on Firefox keeps dropping. I move it manually to 100% but in the next song or tab, it drops to 75% (mostly). I’m using Pipewire.

I had the same problem since I was using Pulse. I solved it (if I’m not mistaken) by using the add-on enhanced-h264ify with the option “Disable Loudness Normalization” enabled.

Is there any solution to this?


P.S.: I just saw that lib32-pipewire isn’t installed. Should I install it?

What are you playing? Does the player have a volume control slider? Does that default to 75%?

Mostly Tidal and Youtube. Their volume slider is always on 100%.

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about:configmedia.default_volume ?

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It says 1.0.

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I did a bit of research for this problem and it seems that only Firefox does that. It syncs its audio with the system volume controls. It was kind of a feature of Firefox, but many people have problems with that.
I hope they’ll fix this in the near future.

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