Incomplete bluetooth UX

In a fresh installation of endeavourOS with KDE Plasma, in which the bluetooth service is disabled by default, the Bluetooth panel in System Settings shows nothing but a very uninformative message: “No devices paired”. It is then a waste of time for people who wants to get their earplug connected to dig the “pair my device” button out of the UI before a desperate research and finally realizing that the missing step is sudo systemctl start bluetooth.

I’m not sure why such production unready UX has persisted so far. This should be a KDE Plasma problem but I’m not sure. Does anyone know where exactly should I report this problem?

Bluetooth not being enabled in EnOS is by design. No need to report anything.

Please refer to this article in EnOS’ wiki:

Whether the service is enabled or not by default is irrelevant. The point is that the Bluetooth UX is incomplete.

In another word, instead of “No devices paired”, the message should be “bluetooth service not started”, or “please refer to this article in EnOS’ wiki:”.

Well, it is quite relevant, I would say.

Had it been enabled by default, we wouldn’t be having this dialogue to begin with.

So if I understand your point correctly, you would have wanted to have a more informative message in the GUI. Fair enough. However, I am not sure if EnOS’ can do anything about it.

In the Welcome app, though, which should pop up when you login to your desktop, there should be some indications as how to enable bluetooth and perhaps a reference to the wiki article.

I don’t have it installed on my system to check but you should be able to find it in your application menu.

This is only because the design choice of bluetooth being disabled by default happens to expose the paticular UX problem under discussion. By irrelevance, I meant such kind of pure coincidence is neither part of the design rationale of EnOS nor what the user is obliged to learn.

Understandable. Again, I tend to believe it’s KDE Plasma’s obligation to fix this, but I’m not sure which specific repo or platform of KDE should I report this problem to, or what’s the proper bug reporting procedure in general in this context.

Bluetooth is not enabled by default due to security risk i think was the reason. After installation it is up to the user to enable the service if required.


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I am not sure either.

Maybe you could have a look here as a start point:

Thanks for the information. Since this is confirmed to be not a problem of EndeavourOS, I’ll file a bug report to KDE.

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Bug ticket:

Fixed in plasma 6.0; Now it says “bluetooth is disabled” with an Enable button.

When i read the comments, look like whoever commented on this seems to have confused between: service disabled and bluetooth disabled.

The plasmoid already show when the bluetooth itself is disabled. So not sure why he said that its fixed on 6.0.

I agree with you, would be nice to show that the service is disabled when its the case.