Include bluetooth on ISO?

This post: made me realize something.
I would have hell to install this on my new computer without my wifi extender that has a LAN connection in it. Because my wifi card is not supported (drivers are on AUR) and unlike say MX, Suse and Manjaro I could not find a bluetooth option to activate. My usual procedure is to tether (via bluetooth) to my phone’s wifi until I have donwloaded the drivers.

Is bluetooth included and I somehow didn’t find it? Otherwise I think it should be included. It can really help during the installation process.

Bluetooth option for Xfce is available at one button in the Welcome app (start welcome with command eos-welcome).
The above is no more true.
Packages blueberry and bluez-utils should work for Xfce, depending on the hardware.

But a much faster tether than bluetooth is the USB tether.

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True, I guess. But then I have to remember where the fudge I put my USB A > USB C cable…

I always have it attached to my main machine, a desktop. Can’t lose it… :wink:

I used to, but then I got one of those chargers you just place your phone on…

Fortunately cables are quite cheap. Just the trouble of buying it…