In the XFce panel, clicking the restart button within the action button shuts down the computer instead of restarting

The machine is a Lenovo Thinkstation with an Intel Xeon E3 1240 processor running a recently installed EndeavourOS. Has anyone encountered such a mistake? I didn’t find any relevant results on Google.

Just for clarity - you mean that the ‘power’ button in the far right led to an immediate shutdown, with no presentation of choices (including Cancel)? I’ve never seen that, if so…

I encountered this years ago using XFCE with a custom theme on Manjaro. You’re using EOS themeing I assume?

you mean you hit a button that says restart or reboot and what it does is it is shutting down the PC for good. But no reboot. Is that correct?

Does the reboot command in a terminal work?

If I click the Log Out button in the Whisker menu and then the restart button in the middle, a few times the computer will not restart but will shut down. I also reproduced this error for Linux Mint and OpenSuse, in each case Xfce was the common factor.

I don’t think I changed the basic theme during the installation.

There is a separate reboot and shut down button.

Yes, the reboot command works in the terminal.

So far I am unable to reproduce this behaviour - neither from the whisker menu, nor the button on the far right of the panel. AFAIK both call the same dialog to take the next step. Must be some oddity in your system, I suspect - so some searching in log files will be required (not my area of expertise - but I’ll take a look if they’re posted)

Thank you for your reply. Anyway, this weirdness didn’t turn up during yesterday, I hope it will stay that way. By the way, the Thinkstation works well, OpenSuse Tumbleweed is a positive surprise for me because I used Suse a long time ago.