In Praise of LXDE

No amount chroot-ing could fix my budgie endeavour boot. it could not be rescued (I was doing stupid sh*&—NOTE TO SELF: look at the upper right toggle of Gparted before you f*** around :frowning: I tried every online tutorial I could find and finally deleted whole fat32 /efi and made a new one in hopes of a frankenstein arch rescue disk but that was a lousy idea, too. plus I had Budgie in Solus so I had time to experiment.

KDE–didn’t try its too much for me
MATE- no been there done that
XFCE no been there done that

the rest goes like goldilocks and the drunken bear.

CINAMMON & LXQT a tale of two twins. panels can’t be configged easily to me. all the windows are these apalling half light/half dark dealios that no theme manager could fix. I’ve had better, more configurable Cinnamons and LXQTs. Cinnamon I felt with 6 more hours I could config but LXQT is not ready out of the box (just like my opinion man). that one will fight you.

But LXDE (4th bare metal Endeavour reinstall) is just right. I am shoring it up right now. Have to swap some defaults out like the file manager but this things is lean, sleek, dark and ready to rock OOTB. Dark theme is dialed in. No more 2-tones stuff. OpenBox is just fine with me. Next to Budgie, this agrees with me the best for Endeavour. Can’t believe i never tried this one before. Its nothing like LXQT except some native apps.

*That’s the absolute brilliant beauty of having a stable of DE’s and a committed team.

Thanks Endeavour, LXDE is just right.
PS–I installed BSPWM for giggles.
rock on
PSS–I am just posting praise. Two hours into it I have no questions. Sharp DE, man.


Budgie is just reskinned Gnome btw :wink:

LXDE is very solid though.


It’s a great desktop! I had a good time revisiting it on my Pi.


LXDE is what I used on my old laptop, god it made that thing actually quite nice. Shoutouts to Lxqt too, I enjoyed my time with that as well.


reskinned just enough to not look or behave like it :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed: but nicely solid you are right. old school. I like the native terminal and notepad but the file manager I don’t get. it’s great so far.

when I research it I see some kind of raspberry connection that’s legendary. didn’t read about it but did notice it.

it seems like, along with LXQT, a very “I used to use” type of DE. Is outdated in some ways. This experience is what I always dreamed MATE could be, or XFCE. I’m a simpleton who likes just one or two bells & whistles, not dozens.

I really like this, it’s impressive. will be the daily driver in a day.

Each to their own and all, but wouldn’t it be a better idea to use a DE that is still actively being developed?


It’s too. Mouse centric to me. I don’t know.

I gravitate towards gnome and plasma so I think I’m just too far lost to go back to basics.

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The latest Pi setup uses Wayfire, it’s awesome.

^ this is what keeps me from using most lightweight DE’s

if it’s not being developed why is it offered in Endeavour?

that may be a naive question but, if true, that seems weird. I really like it. now you got me thinking its a vulnerable (?) DE. edit/club finger

holy crap you are right. their blog announcement page:

check out the dates on this official form:

should this even be offered @ Endeavour?
I really like the DE the more I use it. I have no idea the best practices/politics/thresholds regarding DE curation so I will withhold presumptions for now.

What’s to develop? It’s been feature complete for a long time. No need to fix what just works.


Aside from the lack of new features, it will inevitably rely on increasingly outdated dependencies and could potentially lead to compatibility and/or security flaws. For a desktop environment, that’s a pretty big downside if you ask me.

I shall heed yr wisdom.

It’s not abandoned or anything, there is recent activity in the repos.

They aren’t going gangbusters by any means, but there is certainly a lot more action in there than on their blog. :smirk:

I think this is right. It’s a fairly barebones project, and they want to keep it that way so people can run it on Raspberry Pi’s or twenty-year-old laptops or whatever. I wouldn’t hold your breath for any ambitious new features, but it looks like they are still responding to issues in the repos and stuff.

also @fbodymechanic

I’ve never had experience with anything ‘monolithic’ or stagnant (if a cynic) before and if I was head over heels over Mate (I’m not) I’d probably be asking the same questions.

thank you both for taking the time to give me context. I needed it. this is the right DE for me at the right time. I enjoy it.

and that’s probably a valid flip side, too. If you want a car analogy maybe the car is old but the original or OEM replacement parts (reverse dependencies in this case) are all manufactured new to support the olde vehicle (from plugs to headers to sway bar to motor mounts to fuel filter etc etc etc)…in other words how outdated and unaudited could the dependencies get in the FOSS world where good people are checking everything all the time? or maybe that’s myth? I don’t honestly know.