In Pipewire How do I Listen to the SPDIF input of my soundcard? (new to EndeavourOS, was simple in Arch)

On my windows computer, it outputs its sound over the SPDIF out.

My linux computer that sits right next to it has a SPDIF in.

I attach an optical cable from the SPDIF out of the windows pc to the SPDIF in of the linux PC.

This Allows me to hear the audio of windows system through the speakers/headset that are attached to my linux machine.

I am a New EndeavourOS user (previously Arch). In my previous install which was Arch I did not have pipewire, but I seen it was front and center for EndeavourOS, so I just went with it, for basic playback it has been fine… just not sure how to do this.

In my previous install I would simply open Kmix and then hit the capture/record button at the bottom of the IEC958 column.

In EndevourOS with pipewire all I have is this:

I tried using pavucontrol and switching to the “pro profile” I could then see IEC958 in helvum. I tried making some random connections, but I simply don’t understand what I need to do for something that was so simple previously…

I am going to keep trying to find the solution, I have already been searching forums, and watching youtube videos, unfortunately much reddit info is unavailable right now, so I could not read for solutions that might have been listed there.

I appreciate any help if somebody knows how to do this and can explain it to me… I just want to be able to hear the audio that is coming into the SPDIF In on my xfi sound card.

I figured this out, the solution was to go back to the stereo duplex profile.

Then do not use kmix, use alsamixer instead:


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