In Need of a Fresh Home, Ready to be of Service

Hello, @Computer here, another Manjaro reject.

Discovered Endeavor OS yesterday after Manjaro’s own @Philm screwed the pooch, if you will. Too many controversies and demonstrably questionable habits. Tired of being on-edge the many times I have, over a distro plagued by its own founder.

Backups are done, next step is a squadron of VM's, and then if everything goes well, duck-tape FDE installs a la Manjaro Architect on a number of (testing) laptops.

Here to help any way I must.

Also, I care about HIDPI support efforts in linux, is that something this distribution takes seriously?


We’re a work in progress and if you know to code, you can take a look at our Github page to see what we’re working on at this moment.
On the subject of HIDPI, we have a more hands-on approach for the user, because we’re closer to Arch. When the net installer launches you can pick out the DE you like and depending on the DE you’ve chosen, HIDPI is supported or not. (the majority supports it) We will help you if you can’t figure it out in how to set it up.
Unlike Manjaro, we’re not going to create packages to make things easier, Arch is a rolling release and this means we’re up there with the latest development in Linux, however, this needs a more hands-on approach.
This may seem like a burden, but you’ll get the hang of it sooner than you think and this way you stay in control of what’s happening on your system.
The community will guide you through any question or hickup you’ll encounter.


@Computer, are you referring to the Snapak announcement the other day? If so, that was the last compelling reason for me to give EndeavourOS a try. I was an Antergos user for a long time. When Antergos shut down, I needed something that I felt I could trust, so I went to Manjaro until I felt EndeavourOS was ready. When I saw that announcement, it made me think too much of Canonical, and Canonical’s relationship with Microsoft. So, wanting to steer clear of those two entities, I took the plunge into EOS. Glad I did! I have had zero problems with all of the software I use. And, happily, this is by far one of the snappiest (sorry for the pun) Distro’s I’ve used in a long time! If you have the talents to help, it’ll just make EOS that much better and long lived. TIA

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Oh, I didn’t mean to come off too, demanding? Not sure if that’s the best word. Know nothing of programing, sorry.

Am familiar with hands-on and elbow grease, definitely not an expert though. Was aiming more towards interest in HIDPI roadblocks; willingness to aid victims of microscopic text in unexpected places. For instance, trapped in a shell, verbose boot, tty, or grub password prompt.

I’ll hold you to that. Porting unanswered questions regarding Manjaro (Arch) is likely.

Bizarre! A plus for me. :partying_face:
Dependencies absent in Arch are bravely introduced in Manjaro.

Love it. :ok_hand:

May that be set in stone.


That, FreeOffice, this laundry list, core team not in-sync, people above criticism, selective moderation, censorship, etc.

Not even a year in after lurking, realized no dedicated community deserves obscene misrepresentation.

Lol you don’t really mean it. :rofl:

At the very least M$ is upfront about their schemes; the devil we know brand. Canonical listens (sometimes), has championed linux many times (emphasis on past tense); great “sampler platter” for would-be linux heads. Not my cup of Joe, however Manjaro has yet to give back. Arch is a two-way crossroad, everyone benefits from upstream contributions, keeps the dream going. Manjaro, an irreproducible distro, that does not facilitate PKGBUILDS, is notoriously negligent in this regard.

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