In case anyone gets caught by the CUPS upgrade

CUPS was just updated & needs to be re-enabled… See this post:

Everyone have a GREAT Weekend!!!


Thank you! :ok_hand:t3:

For anyone who doesn’t care and just wants a TL;DR of what to do: first update, then run:

sudo systemctl enable cups.service
sudo systemctl start cups.service

And just in case, print a test page. But everything should work.


Thanks @ExDebianuser, you helped me to avoid headache !

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Just some more explanation why that is needed:


  # upstream reverted back to common old naming scheme
  if [[ $(vercmp 2.3.3+105+g59137acc1-1 $2) = 1 ]]; then
    echo ">>> Cups systemd socket and service files have been"
    echo ">>> renamed by upstream decision. Please make sure"
    echo ">>> to disable/reenable the services to your need."
    echo ">>> hint: \"pacman -Ql cups | grep systemd\" and"
    echo ">>> \"ls -lR /etc/systemd/ | grep cups\" "

This reminded me, I have not re-installed my printer since I re-installed EnOS, will start another thread, it is not working.

what does CUPS do?


Thanks. I just found that by accident when I just couldn’t get my canon printer to work. I checked good old Arch Wiki and there it was.

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CUPS is an opensource admin local printing server developped by Apple that gives you the possibility to setup your printers throw browser with:


or CLI or GUI tools.


Does the EnOS printer wiki now need to be updated with the new service unit name?

This change actually makes me SOOOOOOOOOO happy. I was always irritated that every reinstall I could never remember what the cups service was called. So every time, I had to search for it, now it’s the same as every other distro!!!

You can use tab completion with systemctl so to figure out what cups services are there type

systemctl status cups<TAB>

On my box I get

$ sudo systemctl status cups
cups-browsed.service  cups-lpd.socket       cups.path             cups.service          cups.socket 

I would always just do systemctl list-unit-files | grep cups

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Thanks for the tip. I did not knew about this bug with new version of cups.

cups.path                                  enabled         disabled     
cups-browsed.service                       disabled        disabled     
cups-lpd@.service                          static          -            
cups.service                               enabled         disabled     
cups-lpd.socket                            disabled        disabled     
cups.socket                                enabled         disabled


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so service/socket naming is changed from
to cups.service/socket

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Yes, and you have to modify script in order to get a working cups out of the box.

I opened an issue on github:

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i do remember that it was like that before long time ago…