Impressions of KDE Plasma 6

Just installed the latest RC1 version after having major problems with the betas: constant crashes, menu shutdown/restart buttons didn’t work, general sluggishness. My original tests also enabled the core and extra testing repos, so I thought I’d try again with only enabling the KDE unstable repo.

Wow, it’s just as bad, if not worse. Using QEMU w/GPU pass-through and Hyper-V via Windows 11, it’s still nearly unusable. Still can’t shutdown the system from the menu, the apps pinned to the default panel don’t work. I’m curious what your experiences have been. I don’t have a true hardware solution available, so I’m hoping when v6 is finally released that my current v5 system will run as smoothly as it does now.

Sorry to read about your experiences.

Here is a thread of people who are testing Plasma 6, and what their experiences are:

Perhaps of interest.

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