Implementing Linux Window Managers ~ Tutorial

If you are looking for a Free detailed tutorial and toolset describing how-to build a Linux Window Manager Environment, I have created one for you use. The tutorial describes how-to create a setup on either Debian (MXLinux) or ArchLabs/EndeavourOS. The final product provides access to bspwm, dwm, herbstluftwm, openbox desktops via LightDM. The tutorial is nearly 2200 words long and provides some 250MB of dotfiles, wallpapers, icons, etc. Enjoy:


This looks like a really good way to get in, and work with these managers. I may not personally get much out of it now - but if I had seen it even 10 years ago I guarantee I’d have been all over it! Unfortunately ageing includes losing the ability to retain too many things at once, so the keybindings and I would not get along too well, even in the presence of conkys. I used to be able to run an Amiga almost entirely by keyboard, and code things with hundreds of variable all in mind at once - but no more :grin:

I still might give it a try, just to see if I can, and I appreciate it’s existence and have bookmarked it accordingly.

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I will almost certainly play with that on my secondary computer. Thank you. It looks like it should help me pass a few more days of coronavirus lockdown (trying to get things to work?).

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