Image Data as it Relates to the Privacy Policy

The privacy policy for this forum states:


If you upload images to the website, you should avoid uploading images with embedded location data (EXIF GPS) included. Visitors to the website can download and extract any location data from images on the website.

I ve never considered removing this data, or even checking if it exists. I wonder how many folks even do this. Is this like the Title Lock commercial where they use a simple document to steal your home, or in this case, an image, for other nefarious reasons? Or is this for those who just prefer to hide their location?

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It is mostly because leaking your highly specific geo-location on the public internet is a decently bad idea.

Unfortunately, there are too many bad actors in the world.


That brings up the question as to what app would show all the data in question. The most data I ve seen from an image is from ranger. Take the below images for instance. I see United States, but I also see Guam. I don t think that s geo location data though. Is there more data that can be had, and what app shows it?

Isnt that only if the capture device knows my location, or is my location somehow snuck in after the image is taken?

Luckily… i think discourse is removing the exif data when saving the images?

This is the image before posting (fake exif GPS data)

and here the one it shows on the post (downloaded back):

Most image viewer can show the data and filetools indeed…
my shots are from gimp per example.

Gthumb have an option to remove the data and can show it too…

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Watch the video

and @sempterobit
josemonkey was no genius, we all assess surroundings, and he credited 90% of his online ‘sleuthing’ to google tools–OSINT is all about leaving obvious & blatant bread crumbs that the people–for inexplicable reasons–have no idea are breadcrumbs. Idiocracy territory of over-sharing rubes until 8:40 min mark. then we are no longer looking at pics we go into metadata behind the pics—scarier.

if you can marry the exif metafata to the online clearinghouses of info for $ale about you then we have an uncomfortable profile for weirdos to act upon. Then in about 2 minutes they abandoned the scary part. Nice part is I’m looking for more metadata-only vids. Great topic both of you.

I watched from beginning to end. I don’t fit the profile of who they are talking to here…My own self-interest after reading this thread was I don’t really post anything except a)other people’s stuff [memes music] and b: my desktop shots when I’m trying to help other forum users thru something.

I never really thought of what some pic (of mine) showing endeavour terminal output or picom rendering problem could be worth thinking about. Your vid got me thinking though.