I'm on KDE and want to try I3

I have been on KDE for a long time now, I’m currently on it, and I want to try i3. What do you guys recommend me doing first ? What should I not do ? Or do you have tips & tricks for me. That would be appreciated.

Thanks guys

maybe try i3 in vm , if like below will help you .

some info for you

and here

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and more info… :smiley:

Well it’s just a window manager and it’s perfectly fine to install it side-by-side with whatever you’re currently using. That way you can select it or your current one from the login screen and try it out at your leisure.


Myself i use KDE and i would advise you not to install i3 with kde. It’s better if you install it on it’s own.Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. You would be better off in vm than that if you just want to try it out.

I share a bit of the same opinion.
Installing DE’s and WM’s together always brings a frankenstein build imo, that’s why I have the i3 and bspwm version on separate desktops and not together.

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I had the opposite experience. I ran i3wm along gnome , kde and xfce. If I install vanilla i3, nitrogen and picom, I never had any problems or conflicts with any of the other DE sessions. Same for qtile. No interference with other DE.

I learned i3wm via this video series

Practice a week and you will almost master the keybindings and understand how to modify your config file.

Edit: also install dmenu then you can search and open apps via Ctrl+D


Try it then.

Use a VM, research and read, configure it, use it, and make use of VM snapshots to rollback any mistakes or missteps you may make.

If you want to use it long term either add it to your existing system (see Arch Wiki) or re-install clean.