I'm limotux, Just Saying Hi! Hope I'm Welcome!

Welcome to the community :beers:


I’ve been on Linux and forums since 2000 till 2013 (and occasionally after that), I never enjoyed as I’m enjoying here!

You guys are amazing!

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Yup its a journey. Take it slow with Arch wiki.

Great youtube channels I sub to are distrotube, techhut, eflinux. Watched their videos starting back around years ago and still do now. A joy to watch!

Remember to create separate threads in right forum categories for easier future reference. Keeps the forum tidy as a knowledgebase for searching.

Also definitely look into BTRFS and Timeshift or Snapper for snapshots. You’ll be experimenting alot and breaking alot :slight_smile: But its also a joy to reinstall!


Welcome to the “Retired Club” :man_white_haired: and to EndeavourOS. Thanks for giving EndeavourOS a try. I hope you enjoy your time here.



Thanks Pudge
This is the best club I’ve been to, The much better club is this EndeavourOS Club!
Amazingly wonderful an I’m enjoying a lot, though I’m on Linux since 2000 this is the best I ever had. A great distro and a great community.


Welcome @limotux to the purple side of EndeavourOS where you can get from nowhere to a fully installed system in minutes!

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Oh no… tell you what… I have reinstalled fresh installs 5 times over the past 10 days!
But definitely I don’t intend to go on like this… There are many many useful things I can do with my time.
(I was just trying to find the perfect distro for my needs, till now 24 hours Endeavour seems to be the one.) At least others I installed I started asking myself in 12-18 hrs if I should try to tweak the distro, try it with another desktop, find another… till now I am not asking any of these questions, (Other the one here of KDE, Baloo, Dolphin for the issue I’m having with file search. How Can I Search for Files (by content/name/tags...)?

But despite this I am OK with Endeavour. I’m not -as other distros I tried over the past few weeks- thinking within 24 hrs to find another. That’s a good sign.

Thanks a lot ricklinux
It’s not all purple, it is all rainbow colors. It’s amazing and I’m really enjoying the community even more than the distro.
Thank you guys, you made my day and my coming days. :smiley:

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Well, honestly I don’t know much about file systems. In any case it is/was up to Endeavour to decide upon my file system… I just kept pressing Yes, Next, Ok… till I got it installed :rofl:

The installer gives you the choice when using erase disc to select ext4 or Btrfs files system. If you are setting it up using manual partitioning you have additional options. As you become more familiar with EndeavourOS you will find out more about how you can customize your installation to suit your individual needs.

Ah… I just remembered I saw BTRFS during installation, I either selected ext4 as the one I know or it was the default!

Well, you are getting me closer to install for the 6th time (will be in 11 days tomorrow) I just need to get decided if I should try KDE to sort the search issue I have as mentioned in the other thread.

What issue. I use KDE?

I looked at your other post. I’m not familiar with gnome-search-tool? What’s it for? In KDE you have kfind you can install. Not sure what you are looking for?

Here How Can I Search for Files (by content/name/tags...)? - #13 by limotux

But I am on XFCE. I don’t know if KDE will work fine with my machine. Machine details there.

If I could fix the search issue it is ok with me

Maybe kfind as above?

I don’t know
Kfind is a KDE app, and I didn’t install it

No i mean if you go to KDE? I’m not suggesting you install it on Xfce.

Sorry! I was sleepy and didn’t get you right. It was bed time :grinning:
I don’t know if my machine can handle KDE properly. I had hard time with KDE on Manjaro

It probably can. Manjaro’s KDE is a bit more bloated than vanilla KDE. A good idea is to disable baloo file indexing, since that slows down Plasma quite a bit, especially when the installation is new, or when you add a filesystem to an existing installation.

I have a laptop from 2013 with 5 GB of RAM that runs Plasma flawlessly, even the fancy compositing and wobbly windows (it does need an older LTS kernel, though, but that has nothing to do with KDE).

If you really can’t get Plasma to run smoothly, that means you probably have to use a really minimalist setup, like dwm or i3. But that is clearly not the case, since you are running Xfce, which actually needs more resources than Plasma – long gone are the days where Xfce was less bloated than Plasma! Therefore, I’m almost certain you can run Plasma.


I just said, OK, just throw yourself in!
I installed dolphin and it pulled Baloo with it.

 balooctl status

frequently it seems it is already working as I see “Total files indexed” increasing every time.

I just want to be sure baloo will run automatically and keep indexing upon reboot. Something like "sudo systemctl baloo’ ?

Great thing is to install any desktop environments and display managers and just choose before login :slight_smile:

Trust me my CPU on desktop is like 10 years old and KDE vs XFCE same in experience and snappiness. It is when you load up web browser and lots of tabs of content and youtube you realise the footprint of desktop environment no longer matters :smiley: