I'm enjoying Plasma 6 as an XFCE user

Maybe this is a topic for the EndeavourOS pub, but I wanted to say how much I am enjoying Plasma 6 as someone who has, up until now, preferred the feel of the XFCE spin.

My XFCE theme

When I began to learn Linux - and specifically Arch - I was particularly drawn to the XFCE spin of EndeavourOS. It looked great - almost unrecognisable to vanilla XFCE! - and allowed me to change everything I wanted to change, though there were even more options on Plasma. I also preferred many of XFCE’s default applications, in comparison to Plasma.

That said, I’ve always assumed that at some point I’d move from XFCE to Plasma for something different, and I’ve been enjoying Plasma 6 on EndeavourOS - even if many bugs have been pointed out on these forums. I’m just running it on a spare SSD for a bit of fun, but I expect at some point that I’ll make a full move to Plasma as my daily driver. It looks fantastic and feels a more modern than XFCE. And although it’s only a small thing, I love the floating taskbar!

Is anyone else in a similar situation of contemplating making the switch now that Plasma 6 is out there and looking good?


Yes, since not a help request.

Moved to EndeavourOS pub


I started with xfce as well. But kept switching between Plasma and xfce. Maybe this time I will stick with plasma.

Both Plasma and Xfce are tempting, as far as I am concerned.
Both have their strong points. Both have their weak points.

At the moment I have one “main” laptop with Plasma 6.
And just this afternoon I wiped my secondary Plasma 6-testing laptop and installed EndeavourOS Xfce.

Both are nice.

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