If you don't like bubble message layout on PM

I found the bubble layout frustrating. Those huge border radius were eww!

I did some CSS to set it back to the old style.

I got this extension

Then in settings, I added a rule for forum. The CSS I put is this

.archetype-private_message .topic-body .cooked {
    border: none;

.archetype-private_message  .topic-body {
    border-top : 1px solid var(--primary-low);

.archetype-private_message .current-user-post:not(.moderator) .topic-body .cooked{
    background-color : rgba(0,0,0,0);

It doesn’t seem to prevent highlights, but still, this is better than having all messages in funky round bubbles.

I’m not into web design much so don’t kill me if the CSS isn’t perfect :crazy_face:

I take no responsibility for that add on. Use any add on you find trustworthy and that allows defining custom styles.


can you please show some before and after pics?



When you open a thread, then the selected message is highlighted for few seconds. I could not fix that. But otherwise messages look like before.

Also, I take no guarantees that the add on is safe :sweat_smile: . Feel free to use any other add on that allows setting custom CSS.

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