If you can choose one new feature for the next major release of EndeavourOS, what would it be?

I am sure we are all content and happy with EndeavourOS as it currently is, but there’s always room for improvement and new ideas.

What do you feel EndeavourOS is missing and needs to make it feel more complete for you?

I don’t have any suggestions myself personally, but I would love to hear what others might.

As I will probably switch with the next PC, I would like to have the option to install either Wayland or X Window system during system setup. Or maybe both, with an integrated option in the login screen to select.

If this is already an option (I haven’t reinstalled for quite a while), ignore my suggestion.


Ship it with GNOME.

As suggestion, I would recommend to add EndevaourOS Edu. That will be useful for student linux learning concepts. Add the default Education software, and beginner documentation that are available for students to learn. Maybe also change some features and reduce the image size (Not all schools have the great specs computer). XFCE still great and still learnable for student users

For me I would like to see a little more granular control over what packages are installed during the install process.


Perhaps a little encouragement to keep the install minimal, and then add your desired packages afterwards. Obviously a choice of DEs, but it is so easy to add apps post-install, and a good way to learn Linux. I would not like to see a move towards a distro where everything is done for you, there are many of those around and they do not encourage learning or being flexible and imaginative. They just give you what someone else thinks you should have. That is more like Windows or Mac. I prefer the freedom to choose. I think the Endeavour additions to what is a kind of Arch distro are good and I can’t really think of much else to add.

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As EOS is switching over to KDE as main DE for the installer I would love to see some design of the KDE DE like they did with XFCE. Otherwise I think EOS is kinda feature-complete. Maybe, just maybe, adding BTRFS-Assistant and its dependencies to the base system if one choses to install on BTRFS. Just maybe.

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