Ideas and discussion on the future of the forum

I’m sorry, but when i see 3rd self-answer in a row from same user, which you have already being pissed off about in the past…It just gets me through the day by seeing another:



I think only small changes are needed to the forum. For example, I think the casual, not necessarily EOS-related conversations will remain in the future because I think that sets EOS apart from other distribution communities.

Man that reboot myth (coming from server land probably) about Linux really hurts troubleshooting. In fact a lot of my troubles and tears of frustrations have been solved by reboots.

At 12:00 Paris time, I will install the automation plugin on the forum and attempt to unburden your helping efforts.

I do listen to you, I just needed time to investigate :wink:


Yeah, but your system cannot fail to boot, if you never reboot it. :wink:


From now on new users will get linked to this post:


I’ve to say that I’m fairly new to this forum but I’m really akin to @dalto idea that is better to have a user ask a repeated question, as long as it does it politely and in a decent way, and have some more experienced user point it to the right solution instead of waiting that they destroy their system and then ask to solve a problem that is way more difficult to even just diagnose. That being said I’m probably biased because I often ask stupid questions even if I try to not do it. :rofl:
Regarding the self-solution issue I don’t really see it as a problem as long as it is the actual solution to the issue. It could be (often is not I know) that the OP as simply found a way to solve is own issue, maybe because talking about it in the forum just helped him/her focus it better or because in the meantime the user had made some other research/testing and found a solution. The fact that is own post is marked as solution, if it actually is, just help others that use the search feature to find it more easily

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Naked Tuesdays and Free Beer Fridays please. :man_dancing: :grin:

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I’ll be interested to see if the ‘problem’ lets up a bit… in the meantime, I keep following theses steps:

  1. If I think I might know the answer, or can suggest a direction for enquiry, I post. Helpfully, or to request some info.
  2. If progress is made, I keep going. If not, then a link to a possibility is all I provide.
  3. If no progress at this point :mage: I disappear!

No stress, no mess…
I’m not in competition for 'Solution’s either… of course if I were I’d lose! :grin:


When i first came here and started posting issues with screenshots, the frogman called me out on that to switch to code so its easier to read, after that i find that my actions can be annoying if i asked out for help on issues constantly, found out that most of the issues i have can be resolved by searching the archwiki or forum as there are a ton of knowledge stored in them which i can refer to for my issues, the bad part of me doing it this way is that i don’t really come here much anymore as i feel like i am in a sea of linux experts when i am technically a windows convert.


No Linux experts here. Lot of clever people yes + we all converts @ one time . most thing can be fix by wiki or search forum posts . If hit wall there alway people here that will help .

Edit… Wiki =Archlinux wiki + Endeavouros wiki


This is what i don’t want to see happen. It doesn’t help you to learn more in the long run.


I have found that, unlike in other communities, the forum here does not hack anyone if they ask repeated questions that seem obvious to others. This is probably because not everyone is expected to keep online forums and browse the wiki, on the other hand, the tolerance threshold for the community here is probably higher than elsewhere.


I found the forum with my previous distro was quite unpleasant. As a relative newbie to Linux it seemed to be fair game for know it all trolls to make the experience as awkward and unpleasant as possible.
By complete contrast the EndeavourOS forum is an extremely pleasant place to visit where there is never any shortage of helping hands and it’s even possible to have some laughs along the way too. I actually feel like I am part of the Linux community at last.
Credit to all involved. :enos_flag:


I will be frank, don’t fix that which is not broken. This community is the one thing that makes EOS unique, and is one of the major drivers of the successes it has experienced. Manjaro was in the same spot, and they decided to essentially kill their community. They now have a continuous lack of experienced testers, which is absolutely vital to making their delayed release model stable.

As to help vampires…a lot of people thought librewish was a help vampire. I guess he got so much help that Garuda Linux is the result of all that time he wasted asking questions. Different people ask things differently, especially when you throw in non native English speakers. Give people the benefit of the doubt, like we have been, and this community will continue to thrive.


Expectations management is key for any new user.

EndOS is Arch, with a handful of QoL tools, but 99.9% Arch packages.

Arch is not for Linux novices, it requires a degree of knowledge to configure and manage, it requires a willingness to read & learn Arch distro specifics (ie pacman, mkinitcpio, PKGBUILD, AUR, kernel mgmt, etc).

Arch based systems require some effort to maintain also, they are not set and forget.

Knowing how to troubleshoot is part of the Arch experience. Hardware info, logs, chroot, backups / restore, etc.

I know everyone seems to want this distro to be everything to everyone, a bastion for l33t hax0rs and ignorant clueless alike, but the glaring fact is that Arch is not for everyone … new users should know this up front.

Having said all that …

I agree with this. Forum is working well, don’t eff it up by being overly judgemental and / or aggressive to new users.

Help by teaching, not by doing, assist with anything they don’t fully understand in the process.

Oh, and sticky this post somewhere too …


I think, this is what a Linux forum should be about!
I’m new to arch based distros, in fact so new, I haven’t even installed EnOS right now. I use Ubuntu or Ubuntu based distros for quite some time now. I know how to get my stuff done within the GUI and I am not afraid to use the terminal. But I want to know more. If Linux was a car, I can drive it, I can refuel it, I can change the tires, but as soon as something goes wrong under the hood… I’m totally lost. But it won’t get me any further to just copy & paste cryptic commands to the terminal. It’s much better to be pointed in the right direction to help myself.
I’m just an old dog learning new tricks ( and there will be questions).


Welcome! You sound like you’re on the right place then!


I think Linux distros in general are places where you need the attitude of fixing things yourself. The help and knowledge of others is always appreciated, but shouldn’t be expected. These distros (mainly) are not a commercial product that is paid for like more mainstream offerings. There are no 24hr help desks run by people taking a wage. The received advice and help is freely given when time is available.

It seems to me that part of the problem is when people arrive here from commercial places. I think we should remain welcoming and helpful, but gently remind them that this area of computing is a rather different, communal environment.