Ideas and discussion on the future of the forum

This is a thread that came from another thread and became unrelated to the original topic.
I think the conversation is useful, but please keep the rules in mind.

Could also have contributed to the flood of new users that I noticed recently on the forum. Lots of posts with lots of expectations and little posting of hardware infos, making it difficult to troubleshoot.

It’s going to get a lot worse. I wish we were still like 15.


by the way make endeavouros website for easy download kde , xfce or others. just i want to say make your site like manjaro

That was quick. It didn’t even take two posts to prove my point.


just a suggestion form me

You select what you wish to install during the installation process itself (if you choose an online installation).

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in virtualbox after installation then restart. then endeavouros says install means after install reseted endeavouros

I’m really unsure what you’re asking about. Please open a help thread with punctuation and capitalization and we should be able to help you. This isn’t a text message to your friend though.


Our point :wink: but seriously, time will come we will have to find a way to deal with it. I don’t mean tequila.


I’ll gladly take care of it. It would make my day actually…

I generally repress my honesty here though.

And the tequila is a given that’s the only thing keeping me going usually.

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Wondering do we have sort of code of conduct?

I mean I really see a lot of posts popping up with vampire style requests or borderline annoyingly impatient. I am just afraid that in the long the nice and helpful community might erode and get tired of the level of support, and make the forum less appealing. Maybe I am paranoid. But I love the high level of knowledge and learning we have.

Some kind of follow the 3 rules…

I made one up based on the last week’s most bothering posts, disclaimer this is explicit :rofl:

  • Choice= users have the choice of distro. Don’t come with the it works on mint or manjaro why doesn’t it work on eos type request

  • Hardware= post your hardware and journal logs please, we are not clairvoyant

  • Ignorance = don’t ignore useful links or request for infos from people trying to help

  • Pollution = don’t be mean or expect the community to be your servant for solving your problems by posting ultimatums

  • Omg = don’t post a Reddit link with your problem and expect us to follow it.

  • To read = reading is healthy, you can also do some search on the internet or read the arch wiki, no need to expect to be spoonfed

  • Learning = you are open to learn, eos is the perfect distro!

  • Endeavour = this distro is open to everyone, it is an endeavour that is fun, gosh I am running out of ideas…


I like that. What are you some kind of salesmen? I’m also strangely hungry.

I will definitely be calling out obvious help vampires and XYproblem helpers. Many don’t even know they do it which is part of the problem. It’s also a personality trait.i do love some vampire hunting though.

And I’m not helping anyone who can’t use complete sentences capitalization and punctuation. I know English isn’t everyone’s first language. But this isn’t a text message.


I wholeheartedly agree. I’ve dealt with a few vampires and no clue people. I was struggling to hold my nerve with them.

Due to this I reduced trying to help many of them. Most of the questions which are being asked are repetitions. Which have been asked and answered many times over. So it’s kind of pointless and many as @fbodymechanic says don’t know what to do and many are new users who have no clue and bought into the delusion that Linux just works. This is mostly true but not all the time.

My only contributions are now mostly to help someone competent or to finish a help thread that I’ve decided to post out of pity. Other than that it’s to help with testing to post something to WiKi when I get some free time.


The worst thing you can do for repetitious questions is too keep answering.

Post the link to the solved thread. It will help keep searches much lower.


Yeah, but why even do that people just need to stop being lazy. I’ve done that but even after doing that those people just keep asking this and that. But it’s good if we get a code of conduct for posting. Because enos is being picked by lots of Windows leavers it seems.

Without appearing as A.holes to the new people we should have some kind of guide lines like StackOverFlow does on how to ask a question.

When I see one I will post a garlic next time.

Haha, not really but I like cooking for sure

I totally welcome the idea of posting guidelines, but this should be approached very carefully: I guess one reason why many “noobs” choose EnOS is that it has build up a reputation of a very welcoming forum. And I could imagine that being able to ask lazy/stupid questions while still getting an answer did contribute to that reputation.
If you cut down on this too harshly/ in the wrong way, the EnOS Forums might just become the ArchForums 2.0 (at least to newcomers/beginners)

Don’t get me wrong, posting questions without even doing a bare minimum of googling yourself is not acceptable in any forum, and neither should it be here. Yet ultimately going to the other extreme and answering every question with a link to the ArchWiki and a RTFM is probably also not the right way.


Before you guys prepare your pitchforks, please remember why this distro and community is ranked that high. It’s precisely because of the friendliness and tolerant attitude. Also, kindly let moderators make up and enforce rules. It’s safer that way. Also I highly encourage flagging troublesome posts instead of directly antagonizing other fellow community members, be they veterans or new.

Calling people help vampires (or any other names) is something that goes against our forum etiquette.
A more constructive approach is to politely and calmly educate people on how to ask questions and how to approach troubleshooting themselves. Most people tagged as help vampires don’t know how to ask for help.

Once again, if you see something blatantly wrong, flag posts and voice your concerns to a mod instead of directly engaging other members.


I agree that’s why I said,

Because Arch and Manjaro are too harsh. We all have been noobs at some point in our Linux Endeavour ;). I learned Linux due to Ubuntu forums being friendly like our enos forums.

But gradually they wanted people to search and or be active in at least googling first along with asking structured questions. I think we could do something along those lines. Otherwise with new people coming in it would get out of hand for all of us.

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