[IDEA] Multi-Monitor Enhancements

One of the complaints about Linux in general that I’ve heard recently (compared to Windows) is the “not so seamless” experience with multiple monitors in Linux. I think it could help to add a hot-key toggle to send the active window to another monitor easily even if it’s in full screen mode. So like Ctrl+Shift+Up Arrow or something to cycle the active window to the monitor you want.

I’m not fully aware of all of the multi-monitor gripes folks may have with multiple monitors in Linux, and I’m just using 1 monitor currently, but this seems like something that EndeavourOS could innovate and not only improve the Linux experience, but also give EOS something more to elevate its comparability to other distros. :slight_smile:

My current KDE and (former) Cinnamon DEs have this working out of the box. I did have problems with this in XFCE; solution was to use a script to toggle full-screen/maximized mode, move the window, then toggle back: https://github.com/calandoa/movescreen

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On two of my computers I do have two monitors. I can not remember that I did something additional to use Shift-Super-Arrow to move programs to the other monitor. It is part of the keyboard shortscuts.
Maybe it is something related to the DE you are using?

i do not think such things are a goal for EndeavourOS the core selling point is that we do not setup Desktops highly opinionated and try to keep them almost vanilla.

Same counts for general system setup we do only ship a minimal setup, same as tha installed apps…

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I setup a keyboard shortcut in in plasma for this. I use it all the time.

For the distro, in addition to what @joekamprad mentioned, I see a couple of challenges with this.

  • Shortcuts are generally DE specific. It might be hard to find a good shortcut that is available in every DE
  • Even if we did it, since it would be EOS-specific, most people wouldn’t know about it since keyboard shortcuts aren’t very discoverable

Thanks all for the feedback. Much appreciated!

I was under the impression there were a few EOS specific things built into EOS like the Welcome Screen. Are any of the current EOS-built customizations DE specific? I just assumed such a DE-dependent idea would require what I imagined was standard procedure for building a distro, which is to put logic in the module to check which DE is being used, and behave accordingly.

And I didn’t know there were existing hotkeys for some DE’s lol! Obviously, I don’t know any good specific examples of how multi-monitor support in Linux generally speaking is lagging behind M$/Mac.

Final edit: as for being “discoverable”, the point was to make it because I was thinking it would be a unique EOS feature that would be worth showcasing with a future release. It would be a talking point among influencers as well (presumably a positive point lol).

I think multi-monitor experience is closely tied to DE / WM you are using.

I use at least 2 monitors by default. If i’m working I usually have 3 physical monitors and 2 workspaces. So far multi-monitor experience has been the best I’ve had with Windows being far behind.

I have one laptop that still has windows due to Nvivo - gotta love proprietary research software - and the multi-monitor experience is lot more clunky compared to this system.

I use gnome when working, somehow it’s workflow just clicks with my style of working. Multi-monitor is excellent out of the box even with different resolutions and refresh rates.

When mucking about my own stuff as this system also doubles as gaming / recreational system I might use tiling WM’s, currently experiencing with DWM. Setting up multi-monitors takes bit more work there but its expected.

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