Icons won't actually install

Hey all,

Just did a clean reinstallation with Plasma 6 and I can’t seem to use the icons manager in settings to actually install an icon pack. When I hit install, nothing happens.

Any ideas? Trying to install Paprius or any of them really.

Installing the packages will be a lot more reliable(and safer) than using that plasma add-ons downloads.

sudo pacman -S papirus-icon-theme

Thanks, that worked great.

I’m normally on gnome but I’ve been following plasma and I’ve fully converted because it works with my workflow better. Also got BTRFS assistant and snapper-support going, so pleased currently.

Are there any variants for the folder colors as packages? Though the blue is fine.


You could try installing papirus-folders

paru -S papirus-folders

Or if using the default AUR helper:

yay -S papirus-folders
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“Icons” in the subject caught my attention.

Recently reinstalled EndeavourOS and chose systemd boot. Learned that the wiki instructions to add the endeavourOS logo to refind does not work with systemd boot.

I will look through what is online about the benefits/drawbacks to systemd boot. Cursory reading of articles mentioning systemd boot left me believing it was a new and improved choice over grub. (Maybe I should have been more thorough in my reading?)

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