Icons-Only Task Manager not showing program names on mouse hover

It used to do this, right? I re-created my panels today and there’s no longer a program name showed.

Did you edit the icons-only task manager settings as well? You may actually need to edit the settings.

If you’re on KDE, this may be a Wayland issue as well, so consider launching your desktop with x11 to see if the issue occurs there too.

No, I didn’t edit anything.

I’m on KDE Plasma 6 (Wayland). For me, this is what happens…

Icons only task manager:

  • Hovering over any closed application shows application name.
  • Hovering over any open applications shows preview.

Well it turns out it’s my own fault. I turned off Show small window previews when hovering over Tasks in the Icons-only Task Manager settings, because I didn’t want the window previews. I didn’t know that would also turn off the app name when hovering. Mea culpa.

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