Icm software

is there any software i can download to run .icm files? when i search for solutions i get results mostly saying its somewhere in the settings under color then make new color profile, meanwhile my display config settings only have gamma and compositor with no options for importing .icm files.

thx for the help in advance, sry if my writing isnt* very professional

Hey, if you’re running x11, you need to install colord-kde which will bring up the colour management option in Settings, after which you can load your icc/icm profile.

yay -S colord-kde

As always, the Arch Wiki says it all, incredibly well : https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/ICC_profiles

Color management for Wayland (GUI) should be ready by Feb, - however you can do it by shell right now.

thx! hope this helps others with the same issue

No worries, welcome to Endeavour! Enjoy the journey. :slight_smile:

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