IceWM on EndeavourOS

JUst wondering why there is no community based installation available for IceWM ? IceWM is one of the most actively developed Windows Manager with version 2.9.3 released just yesterday.

Our community editions are developed by the community :wink: So, feel free to connect with other members to get this project started. We would love to add it to our ISO. :purple_heart:


The simple answer is… you haven’t offered to “get the ball rolling”. As you will note, pretty much anything is possible. It simply requires an appropriate effort and interest. It sounds like you have at least one of those two. :wink:


I could share how I configured my own IceWM installation but that would not be near to what is offered by EndeavourOS community. I started from Openbox almost 10 years back and have used almost all the possible WM available around and IceWM is one of the best one I still use , also blackbox and Ratpoison.
Hope someday someone will consider a community option of IceWM installation from the installer , it is going to be really great like the rest of the available ones

I am going to share a rice/dots about IceWM which looks really cool


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working fine, but not that easy to configure (at least by jumping into it without getting informed in the first place :wink: )
The theme is not 100% working here as you can see in the bar.


Yes Codeberg is a nice place and I am looking for all kind of dots on Codeberg these days

Did you try it on a fresh install with IceWM only?

we have user_pkglist implementation and bash_script implementation on ISO so you can add anything available on repos to be installed… and run scripts to enable stuff ar add configs… so i add iceWM packages list and use online installer without choosing any DE/WM there so it installs only system and iceWM