IBT with nvidia's non-free drivers live usb option

Hey everyone.

I would like to ask a general question to people who know the topic of IBT and nVidia drivers.

I recently bought a laptop with Optimus (Intel + Nvidia 3xxx), I was suprised that I can’t even boot any live usb (arch based). I thought that maybe 3xxx is too new for a Linux Kernel but this family is not the newest anymore.

But I found the issue, it was IBT. Now my question is - what is the point of enabling it with the option to boot system with non-free nvidia drivers?
Right now, it will always fail.

I can see that a loooooooot of people have this issue and it is very common on Reddit.

During the boot of live usb EndeavourOS even mentions the option to use “only newest graphic cards” but the newest will never boot unless you add IBT=off. It should not really matter for AMD/Nvidia combo anyway, right? So why it isn’t added by default?

I see that the same issue happens on Manjaro and I don’t understand why it is not disabled by default with the option to boot with newest graphic cards?

I offered that change long ago but it didn’t pass. Good news is that 530 drivers finally fix this issue so an ISO refresh in the near future should be the ultimate solution.


we was discussing this issue indeed… always thaught it would getsolved soon but as we can see… there is no huge interest from Nvidia to solve issues for Linux.
Same for nouveau i thaught NMvidia would start contributing code to nouveau to make it possible to support GPUs better… but if i look here:

And what we mentioned in the GitHub issue is still valid we could set the parameter for the ISO but doing this permanently for targets is a security issue we doi not want to set for everyone only to solve an issue that should have been solved a long time ago already…

aur/nvidia-beta-dkms 530.30.02-1 (+52 0.22) 
    NVIDIA driver sources for linux (beta version)

its on AUR also already… but we will not go to maintain nvidia drivers in or repo… no one in the team has the time nor will to handle this.