I3wm random window freezes

Some of my application windows randomly stop responding during usage. They suddenly just display a static image of the current content, and fail to redraw correctly when resizing or toggling full screen (toggling float does not help either). If I try to restart i3 in place the affected windows simply turn black, and the only solution I’ve found is to kill the program(s)/windows from the terminal with e.g. xkill and start it again. The application themselves don’t seem to crash, as e.g. audio from video playback in Firefox continues. It happens mostly to Firefox, but that is probably because that’s my most used program, and I’ve also experienced it happen to Alacritty, Kitty, Mailspring and Brave. It seems to happen completely random, and sometimes only Firefox is affected, sometimes other apps as well.

I asked about this over at reddit too, without any luck so far:

I recently did a fresh install too, just a couple of days ago, but the problem still persists.
I’m not a super advanced user, and any suggestions or ideas for solutions or debugging is greatly appreciated!

i3-version: i3-gaps version 4.19.1
Distro: Endeavour OS
Compositor: Picom
Config files: https://github.com/kaprests/dotfiles

configs looking pretty, could be picom causing it.

Thanks! I did however try disabling Picom for a while on my old install, but the issue didn’t go away. I can however give it another go I guess!

you can also try getting some info from bugreport out of i3 while starting it in debug mode (from lightdm)
DISPLAY=:0 i3-dump-log | bzip2 -c | curl --data-binary @- https://logs.i3wm.org
But it looks not like i3 is causing the issue… more likely something else so we could check boot log and system hardware also:

inxi -Fxxc0z --no-host >> log.txt && journalctl -b -0 >> log.txt && cat log.txt | eos-sendlog

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I see, thanks! I’ll try to get these logs right after the next time things crashes then

journalctl --since "10 minutes ago"
after rebooting from freeze can help too :wink:

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My system has been strangely reliable the last days, but now the glitch occured again and I was able to secure the logs.
Don’t really now what to look for, so I get a little overwhelmed reading them myself.

I put the logs in files, thinking I could upload here, but apparently not supported so I just put them in a temporary repository here: link to logs (github)

You can try disable TLP to see if it causes issue:
sudo systemctl disable --now tlp

Thanks! I’ll try that

Hm, seemed fine for a couple of days with TLP disabled, so I was getting hopeful, but the issue occured again today.

Think I found the solution! Read about DRI3 issues with intel graphics on the Arch wiki, and tried switching to DRI2 as the wiki suggested. Have been back on i3 and without the issue for over a week now :slight_smile:



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