I3wm keybindings

I’m new to this distro and just installed it late last night. The keybindings have been troubling. A lot of the keybindings feel really clunky and spaced out and i’ve had a hard time trying to use them. I have messed with some of the keybindings but I can’t seem to figure out how to change windows to move with left mouse button and resize with right mouse button while using mod key. I can live with the windows moving without mod key but right mouse button having to be positioned over the titlebar with no other option bugs me!

Hopefully someone can help! Really enjoying the distro so far
(sorry for the duplicate)

Maybe the official documentation can help you?



I have
Use Mouse+$mod to drag floating windows to their wanted position
floating_modifier $mod
set in .config/i3/config so that article just confuses me more :confused:

I may have to give up and switch to XFCE or KDE. I’d like to be able to add gaps between the windows and also snap to edges enabled as well. Seems like I don’t have enough knowledge to fix all of it to my liking :frowning:

maybe stay with " super + 1,2,3,4,5 and so on " ( super =windowskey ) until you understand more … Wm are more keyboard than mouse

The issue isn’t learning and remembering the keybindings it’s more the lack of wanting to learn them. I’ve adapted to a configuration more similar to Manjaro’s i3wm where the windows can’t be moved by mouse without Mod key, windows can be resized by grabbing ANY position in the window with Mod key. Here I have to grab the window by the top left corner assuming i want it to go top and left. Then it will keep it from going out of bounds then I can position my mouse over the titlebar so i can only resize in a way that makes it where I have to reposition my window again. It’s just feels a lot less like a window manager to me

Best not use a wm then … maybe gnome,kde xfce standard DE’s fit you better

thank you for kind words :rofl:… have a nice day ! hope you fix your problem

I’ll just do a custom install. Using just a terminal would be easier than this “window manager”

why so rude … ?

I could ask you the same. I made it clear i3 isn’t the issue. It’s specifically how this i3 is setup. You insisted I just switch to a DE. That’s pretty annoying. Plus I always cuss so it’s just how I talk. Don’t take it harsh

links given to u … read more and learn

It took me 2-3 weeks to learn the keybindings.
It took me another couple weeks to tweak everything.

It’s i3 after all. There is not a single OOTB setup that can please everyone.

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5555 im not indian …

:pray: you want help but then you be rude … fine !! have a nice day

Has been given. i3 has a learning curve. If you’re unwilling to learn, i3 is not for you.
And please, change your tone.

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There must be a record breaking going on here :crazy_face:

If you prefer the Manjaro defaults then you can copy these over from their GitLab repository.

EndeavourOS follows Arch, in that you get a mostly vanilla set of defaults. Arch is a user-centric distro, which in essence means it’s left to users to customise their OS to their specific requirements rather than have an arbitrary set of defaults forced on the user.

More generally, you’ll find the community very welcoming if you don’t immediately start insulting people.


Since this user is no longer here, there probably is no reason to carry on the conversation.


@wick3dr0se You don’t follow our rules on this Community, I don’t know if it’s your way to speak in insulting others users, are you able to stop it definitively here ??