I3blocks | Official Community Contributions

i3blocks-contrib: Official repository for community contributed blocklets

This repository contains a set of scripts (a.k.a. blocklets) for i3blocks, contributed by the community.

It is officially maintained by a bench of active i3blocks crafters.
To start, please review the project FAQ. Next, read the Installation page for an overview on installing the blocklets you desire.

This is an ongoing effort by the i3blocks community. If you have created new and exciting blocklets for i3blocks (no matter how trivial they seem) we encourage you to review Contributing to see how you can share your work with the community. With your support, i3blocks can reach its full potential. As well, if you would like to help despite not having some new blocklet or desire to modify an existing blocklet, please also visit the Contributing page to see how else you can help.

Just came upon this GitHub site by searching for a clickable calendar pop-up for EndeavourOS i3-WM.

The site features quite many “i3-blocklets” (i.e. “plugins” to i3blocks.conf).

Maybe this can be of help for one or another. :wink: