I3 WM is installed - But how to activate/config it?

Hi there,

Yesterday I did a fresh install of EndeavourOS with GNOME. During the install process I choose both GNOME DE and i3 WM.

I did read some cool things about the usage of i3 together with a DE, so I decided to give it a try.

But now I can only see GNOME in my system. Also, I ran a pacman -Ss i3 and discovered that the packages endeavouros-skel-i3wm, i3-wm, i3blocks, i3lock and i3status are already installed.

So, how do I enable i3, for example, or how do I config it, please?

Thanks once again for your help.

i myself do not use i3 but here you have a good guide to get started


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Many thanks. I will read it.

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