I3 wallpaper

How can I change wallpapers in rotation on i3?

Install feh and use a command similar to this feh --bg-fill --randomize ~/.wallpaper/* . It’s the --randomize that does the trick.


It’s not working. i3 seems easy, and it is, but digging under its skin isn’t.

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There is an easier way @Alexander. Try this first until you become more familiar with i3. Then i would look into getting it working @davidw 's way as well. It’s all about learning :hugs:

In terminal do:
yay variety
It should be package #6
Install it.
Then hit F9 to bring up ROFI menu. Go through the menu until you find variety. Launch it (double click or hit enter when it is highlighted).


The deault is to change it every 5 minutes i made it 1 to test this for you. It works. You can add your favorite wallpapers to the directory at the bottom or use any of the checked off methods in the screenshot.

It will also set up a tray icon and start with your machine.


Variety is very good but constantly imports wallpapers from the internet. If you want to just use a small number that you have and like, feh --randomize ... does the trick. I’m not dismissing Variety, though; it’s a good piece of software and of course you can configure where it looks for wallpaper and save what you like.


It’s working!
Thank you all!

Actually you can turn that off easy enough, just unclick the online sources, I usually have it set to only use one local directory, the one with all my background images or some subset of it like propaganda.