I3 vs bspwm

Hi, first of all sorry if it’s in wrong sub-cat, didn’t know where to put this so i chose Lounge

i’ve been using i3 for a while and i really like it (and it’s the first tiling wm i worked with) but recently i was thinking about bspwm, tried to work with but didn’t work out specially with hotkeys ( i defined hotkeys in sxhkd and changed some of those since i was using EOS config but the thing i changed/defined didn’t work) so i gave up and came back to i3

i wanted to know is there any real advantage to use bspwm?
i read some stuff that bspwm uses less resource and have better monitor management but idk if that’s really right or not

Personally I didn’t find anything in bspwm that was better than i3. I spent a fair bit of time with bspwm before I move to i3 and I have never had the urge to reinstall it.

Personally, for me, dwm is better than both of them. But that’s just what works for me.


thanks for the response
well im not into dwm tbh
im quite happy with i3 and im just curious about bspwm (and if it has a better monitor management than i3, i’m totally down for it)

For that matter, if your video card has Wayland support, there’s not much difference that I can tell between I3 and Sway. I know you didn’t ask that…but…just adding a tidbit. Tiling managers were new to me too only a year or two ago.

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ty for the response
no it doesn’t support so i wont use sway

both are equally good in my opinion
but i always prefer bspwm over i3wm


I think it’s mainly up to user preference and what you want from the WM also what support you need (Wayland, X … etc).

i3 and bspwm seem to be similar when it comes to tiling. Both get listed as a hybrid but both are manual tilers (at least that’s what I see). But personally, I prefer i3 over bspwm. Because bspwm kind of rely on a lot of external stuff for its function. Like key shortcuts and the bar. i3 has most of those covered.

But I like AwesomeWM more because I think it’s more complete with its environment. Very little other stuff that need to be installed to get a functioning environment. But that’s just me.

If it helps check out this comparison in Arch WiKi.

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the tiling management is different, where i3 has a very static way to handle windows BSPWM is doing this dynamically…
But there are ways to have the same in i3 like the autotiling script from piotr


if you have started using i3wm and that you really like
Stay at i3wm.
i have bspwm i3wm awesomewm openbox and dwm installed just because i am not normal :crazy_face:
just for fun :wink:
I have them installed because I like them all and when I miss i3wm I log in to i3wm
and when i miss dwm to dwm and etc


thanks for all the replies

i dont mind bspwm relying on other stuff as im using polybar etc with i3wm rn

thanks for the info about awesome and that link, i’ll read

this really got me :smiley:

yeah i do, to be honest, i get bored too, sometimes i wanna make excuse to jump on other WM like now

this time i spend more time on bspwm to configure the way i want it to be

now i can decide better w/o additional WMs

to be honest
i get bored too
therefore i have usually installed i3wm bspwm dwm openbox awesomewm
i just formatted my ssd so i need to start over
has installed archlabs with i3wm and dwm
so i just need bspwm awesomewm and openbox to install
but it’s easy and fun
i will not say that there is any wm that is better than others
all wm are good
but will say when you have tried i3wm and bspwm enough
then I would recommend trying dwm
happy WM hunting :wink:

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i can’t format SSD :frowning: too much info on it
gotta say really like your configs in screenshot thread, wish we had a link to your github :smiley:

I mostly do backup on usb hdd
before I format my ssd
and what my github I have deleted everything on it it is on a usb hard drive
so when I have all my WM seup ready again I will post it on github and post a link on this forum

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that would be LEGEN-WAIT FOR IT-DARY

if you need help to bspwm i will try to help as i can :slightly_smiling_face:

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my biggest challenge was sxhkd keymapping
others are ok, already even have a preconfigured polybar

thanks for the help in advanced tho :slight_smile:

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