I3-TUI Alpha status

So I am Getting ready to start testing… I have a question.
Can I build a community edition with Aur Software?

I am using nerd-fonts-source-code-pro as Fonts.

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You should try to avoid it. AUR package are intrinsically less secure and other than that they cannot be integrated with calamares. I don’t think there is any written rule that prevent you from using it but as far as I know you shouldn’t.
Maybe wait for the feedback from one of our great developers. :wink:

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I was thinking in try as a main rule but maybe some could be allow, I am building a theme manager which is gonna be an Aur Package.

AFAIK - If it can’t be done without it, or perhaps AFTER install by way of a run once script, you can lobby for it to be included in the EndeavourOS repo. I have no idea how high the bar is for that, though!! :grin:

The thing is I am thinking of cloning i3Lock to have a custom one… the same with the LigthDm theme Etc… All are gonna be require as it is a custom BUILD.

Create away - then the problem can be revisited. It still sounds to me like a custom run-once script - or perhaps a routine in the attempt to access the new goodies - such as: (pseudo-code)

If [the pieces are all there]
run the routine
ask if user wishes to install the pieces
if [yes]
install the pieces
explain can’t be run without the pieces, exit

if you see what I mean :grin:

Calamares (the installer EndeavourOS uses) cannot install AUR packages.

What you can do is to add a script that is set to run when i3wm starts. This script will prompt user to install required AUR packages. Once this script is successfully run, it should remove the exec line from i3wm config that had called the script initially (so that we don’t redundantly call this script on every launch)

If the scripts are short and won’t need regular updates, you can bundle them with the config itself. But feel free to decide for yourself how you want to bundle stuff.

A quick question. What exactly is i3-TUI? Is it just an install with a TUI greeter like greetd? Or are there other things also added?

I3-TUI is gonna be the Fisrt GUI Free EndevourOS Community Edition base in i3WM and is gonna be oriented to TUI (Terminal User Interfaces), it needs to be fully functional like any other Endevour edition, so things likes Arandr have to be replaced with ether dmenu. rofi or custom ncurses options…

I thinking of a system aiming at developers, programmers and IT users in general; right now i am working in the base part which is the window manager and the status bar with some themes, the goal is to avoid the user the need to deep dive into config files to change colors and so on… in that sense i3, the terminal, polybar, dmenu and rofi will all respond to a program that will allow the user to pick from 200 themes that will universally be apply to achieve a unify color scheme. Only one gtk black and wihte will be set becasue those match up with any others. ( Because some Dialogs may appear is user install GUI interfaces.)

So after I have the Base configuration tested and all working I am gonna open a new post to have all the community who want to collaborate and discus what are gonna be the preinstall software, like text editor, music player, video player etc,… have some IT recommended basic tools like wireshark and so on!..

  • ( But everything must me GUI FREE)

Still a lot to work on but hopefully soon I gonna be able to have a test git repo for everybody to test and contribute.


Ah, okay. Thanks for the description. I’m looking forward to try this.

I Forgot to Mention that my point is that if more devs and programmers in general are broth into TUI, rofi, dmenu, fzf ans so alike tools there is probably gonna be more options to choose from.
Windows Mangers and TUI interfaces in gral have change the way I use Computers for better ( Faster workflow, better hardware performance and an interest in keyboard oriented Interfaces which leads to faster and better productivity ). I think if the fist contact with i3 and TUI tools can be made pre-build and using the Awesomeness of EndevourOS ISO to have the power of Arch inside! Well, we’ll see.

It is not impossible to run yay or makepkg with calamares, to be true easy to do so but from perspective of stability not a good idea.

We have shellprocess and contextualprocess modules.

Both can run inside or outside the chroot and have variables to set chroot path and created username:
@@ROOT@@ // @@USER@@
So while chroot is running as root… you could run yay as created target user inside the chroot…

cd /home/@@USER@@
su @@USER@@
yay -S --noconfirm awesome-dangerous-aur-build

or build package with yay on liveuser and copy it into target, where you can install it with pacman -U

But if one step is failing it will abort installation… and it is a much better idea to do such stuff after the first boot into the installed system.


With yay building does not build witj sudo rihts lol sudo -u liveuser yay does

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Very Well explained. Thanks Joe.

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As far as I know, running yay or makepkg in chroot (as root) is not possible…