I3 is not working

So, I want to have xfce with i3 wm but i3 is not working after downloading endeavouros-i3 and installing it via the steps provided. I cry out for help

kd@kendevouros ~]$ i3
bash: i3: command not found

system info: https://0x0.st/HGWi.txt

Log out and then when you go to login select i3 as the session (should be something on the login screen that will allow you to switch, I think its near the username/password)

Its not there, I have previously managed multiple desktop environment

ok, so it works
Now, I think i have to remove all the shortcuts of xfce.
And some icons are missing, I dont wanna download the whole nerd-fonts packages cause its really big :frowning: . so i download ttf-nerd-fonts-symbols-mono and ttf-nerd-fonts-symbols but still some icons are still missing. I m rn just using plain i3

Not sure what you need those for specifically for i3, but I just have the nerd fonts installed from the default repos.

 pacman -Qqs nerd

dont know but after download ttf-nerd-fonts-symbols icons on the bar were there but theres still missing icons in i3 config and i also i had to download rofi separately.

You might also need font-awesome

$ sudo pacman -S ttf-font-awesome

thank you