I3 Gaps merged with i3

As I was updating my EndeavourOS and got this message. I was like, hope it does not break anything. Since I have time-shift I went ahead with Y

:: Replace i3-gaps with community/i3-wm? [Y/n]

Package               Old Version    New Version    Net Change

i3-gaps                  4.21.1-1                       -2.29 MiB
community/i3-wm                         4.22-2           2.32 MiB

So I guess the transition finally happened today, 3 Jan 2023.
Goodbye i3 gaps

Congratulation to everyone involved


I updated 10 hours ago. Have been testing my system since then. So far, the replacement was seamless.

There are, however, a few reddit users who reported issues with polybar’s workspace module.


Wau totally forgot about this will happen.

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:rofl: Are you kidding me? I’ve been waiting for this for days.

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EndeavourOS install for i3 still working fine … as it is replacing it also we still have i3-gaps in the packages list…