I3 - Changing to Krusader File Manager, having some hiccups

I’ve recently been exposed to Krusader. I have installed both it and Konsole to my system, however when I attempt to have Krusader display the embedded terminal emulator, a dialogue box asks me to install konsole, as opposed to performing the function who’s dependency I’ve already installed. I’m not sure how to solve this problem.

The other 2 things I’m wanting to solve is giving Krusader an icon pack to work with (I understand this requires some KDE dependencies but I’m not sure how to get these to talk to each other) and I’d like to change the toolbar colors to something other than the stock off-white coloration.

The following question is only for learning now, Krusader seems to have fixed this issue for me:
Also, this may be a really strange thing to want to do, but I’ve started to prefix my directories with 2 digit hexadecimal numbers (0a for instance) in order to make directory navigation faster when not in a gui. Does anyone know of a way to force any of the gui file managers to list directories in such a way that it respects the logical ordering of hex values (09 should come before 0a, not after.)

Please post the output of:

pacman -Q | grep -i konsole 
-> You are probably missing the package konsolepart5

For this, you probably need the following packages:

qt5ct qt6ct kvantum 
-> You may also need kvantum-qt5

I just installed it to test it out and everything works out of the box. So, the commands above should fix everything.

Lastly, the app doesn’t require you to use Konsole. So if you have a preferred terminal, just change it like below. But you still need konsolepart5.

Please post the output of:

pacman -Q | grep -i konsole 
-> You are probably missing the package konsolepart5

konsole 24.02.1-1

See above. Install konsolepart5.

Read through my whole response. Apply the changes and you should be good. The only thing I am unsure about is your filename question. Someone else can help with that.

Actually, it should really be its own thread because it is a general question that has nothing to do with a specific file manager.

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cool, Konsole is now working. perhaps if I do a reinstall of Krusader it’ll pick up the new dependencies I just installed and will fix the visual display issues.

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No. You need to go into those apps (qt5ct/qt6ct and kvantum) and make the changes there. Then close and reopen Krusader.

Those apps are theme managers for Qt apps.

I think I will, it’d be nice to be able to have that behavior should I switch to a different a different file manager in some unforeseen future.

ahhh, ok, thank you.

You’re welcome.

As I said, it’s better to mark my first response as the solution, then take the last part of your question (about filenames) and make a new thread with it. People may not see that you have another question.

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