I3 alongside KDE?

Happy Friday! :grin:I saw there was a thread about i3 WM alongside xfce, which works great since both use thunar as file manager and share some apps.

My question, I installed the newest EOS Feb iso KDE plasma, now I like to add a i3wm session so I can switch my workflow between i3 (ego workflow) and kde (working with other people). Any experience how it goes?

Just wondering if there are any conflicts of apps or duplicate app entries that makes i3 not well compatible with KDE? I am not sure anymore if I install i3wm after kde whether it will install the standard apps provided with the i3 iso (meaning I would end up with Dolphin and Thunar for example) or just the barebone wm and it bodes well with plasma apps.


Most window manger’s won’t conflict each other and DE’s. Because a WM is just a WM. It contains no default apps.

If your gonna use the endeavour OS i3 config’s (and follow the steps on the github) like you said you will end up both dolphin and thunar but this is not that bad…you can just unistall thunar.

You can also use i3 and KDE toghter too. So if you want all of KDE’S notifications service and etc; you can replace KWIN with i3 too.


Happy Friday to you to. Have a nice weekend!


Thanks for the nice infos and links!

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Mayby a kde+i3 setup

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You’ll probably want to use kde apps in i3

So you can the env variable in /etc/environment


This means the apps will use kde themeing…this only applies if your running i3 seperartely not needed if your just replacing kwin…


I have to read up on that. I assume you are saying that I could run i3wm in kde plasma not as a separate session. That is intriguing.

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Yes. Youll be replacing kwin so all your notifictions and power management will all come from plasma. This is good if yiu dont want to start from the bottom up.

It does mean obviously you’ll lose kwins window decoration and desktop effects but this can be solved using an external compisitor like picom.

I think I confused with the last bit :pensive:


Ok, I will see. Probably will try to run them separate. Am pretty happy with my kde setup, and like to run the i3 in a separate session with kde theming.

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