I want to run Window using Wine

I want to run Speed Pro which is a window desktop trading app on Linux using wine. SO can anyone help me?
It install on first glance but when I start it again from desktop where it saved as .desktop file it did’t work!

Any help on running any trading app on Linux like TradeTiger or SpeedPro ?? please help
wine-7.20 installed

When a Windows application is installed, in my experience you get 2 files: a desktop file and a .LNK file. The .lnk file works but the desktop file throws errors.
EDIT: I searched the net for running Speedpro on Wine but got no results.

You mean that program?
I’ll try to see what we can do, but first a question:

Is there any particular reason you need to use desktop trading program, instead of browser based like TradingView?

If you still need it, i suggest you to read my gaming guide to familiarize yourself with concept of non-system wineprefixes, because if you use system one and your life depends on it - it will certainly break on some updates over time.


  1. Introduction
  2. Requirements
  3. Wine (it have some simple scripts to let you understand what’s what)
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where can I get .INK file ? I couldn’t found it ?

Right man who cares that old s**t desktop app. I will stick to browser based then.

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That’s easiest solution :wink:

Have a nice trades!


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