I want to Install the zotero app on Eos (gardez https://www.zotero.org ) and besides this the Notero:

Good evening - i want to Install the zotero app on Eos (gardez https://www.zotero.org ) and besides this the Notero: https://github.com/dvanoni/notero?search=1

Did any body of you allready have some experience here !?

look forward to hear form you

No experience with the software. However:

Zotero is in the Arch User Repository (https://aur.archlinux.org/packages?O=0&K=zotero). So, the easiest way would be: yay zotero-bin

It appears that notero should be able to be installed per the instructions on the github page.


Zotero is also on flathub.


Hi there - many thanks for your replies.

i will do as adviced: i am trying to get started with setting up Zotero and Notero on my Linux machine first, then - afer that i will do the integration of them with Notion. After that, i hopefully will be able to sync your Notion account with the Android tablet.

well should i take this package - and go ahead!?

AUR has both a zotero and zotero-bin packages already.


well - that would be awesome if i could go and use this package to go ahead!

well i just have heard about Zotero and Notero - and i want to fetch data from opac-requests to my linux machine - are we able to grab bibtex ( https://www.bibtex.com/g/bibtex-format/ ) formate from the public available catalogues and store it to the local linux machine!? that would be awesome!

look forward to hear from you

Well I think that ivgo that way

To install Zotero and Zotero’s Notero plugin on Endeavor Linux, I think that we can follow these general steps:

  1. Install Zotero:

    • Visit the Zotero download page and download the appropriate version for Linux.
    • Once downloaded, extract the contents of the downloaded archive.
    • Navigate to the extracted directory and run the Zotero installer. This might involve running a script or executing a binary file depending on how Zotero is packaged for Linux.
    • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
  2. Install Notero:

    • Notero is a Zotero plugin, so you’ll need to have Zotero installed first.
    • Visit the Notero GitHub page and download the latest release.
    • Extract the downloaded archive.
    • Copy the extracted notero directory to Zotero’s plugins directory. This directory is usually located in ~/.zotero/zotero/, but it might vary depending on your installation.
  3. Enable Notero in Zotero:

    • Once Notero is copied into Zotero’s plugins directory, launch Zotero.
    • Go to Zotero’s preferences or settings menu.
    • Look for the plugins or extensions section and find Notero.
    • Enable Notero to start using it with Zotero.

These steps should help us install Zotero and Notero on Endeavor Linux.

I ll try all out tonight

For step 1, I’d recommend getting Zotero from the AUR (yay -S zotero-bin) rather than downloading from their website. This will generally integrate it better with the rest of the system. You can also install an extension from the Zotero app with Tools: Add-ons, and choosing “Install Add-on from File” from the settings on the upper right.


Hello dear whyhow, many many thanks for the reply and for sharing your thoughts and ideas and tips with us. This is very valuable.

I will do as adviced.

Ps: I am very very glad to be here in this froum which is a great place.

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