I want to delete this "lost+found"

I have this thing in the menu called lost and found, it has this file “hp-uiscan” that I remembered downloading weeks before.

I then clean reinstalled endeavourOS and I was surprised this thing exists. I tried clean reinstalling again. Oh, by clean reinstall I mean booting up from the live usb and choosing the erase all file options in the calamares install. I thought it would do the trick removing it but unfornately not.

I also tried removing files from the “lost+found” folder in case i can remove that hp-uiscan" by cd-ing to it and rm-ing but if I ls the folder, it is empty.

lost+found is part of the filesystem. It is where it puts recovered data.


I see, so I get that I cannot remove the folder itself (lost+found). But is there any way I can delete the Lost & Found category as well as the hp-uiscan in it?

ive deleted those from the menu in the past with no issues

It doesn’t matter how many times you did a clean install. If you’re using the Linux Extended File System (ext2, etx4, etc.) the lost+found directory will be created every time you create the file system. Since you have to create a file system during installation, the lost+found directory will be there.

Obviously, that directory is created for a good reason. It is used by fsck to reattach damaged (and recoverable) files back to the filesystem tree – fsck isn’t able to determine the original name of the lost file/directory (because those files are corrupted), so it needs a place in the filesystem tree to attach those files to.

Deleting the lost+found directory is not recommended.

Also, the lost+found directory will automatically be recreated every time fsck is run. Since the Arch boot process will run fsck every time, the directory will most probably be recreated every time you reboot.

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The OP is not talking about the “lost+found” directory on a formatted ext4 partition. The OP is talking about the Lost and Found category in the Plasma menu. If you remove the /usr/share/applications/hp-uiscan.desktop file, the launcher and the lost and found category will disappear.

sudo rm /usr/share/applications/hp-uiscan.desktop


I see. My bad. I thought the menu is linked to the system’s lost+found directory.

Same thoughts. That is why when I was trying to find where “hp-uiscan” is from and then saw lost+found folder, I immediately thought it should be in there. Anyway, what you answered earlier thought me I should not be messing with it. Thanks!

The Lost and Found category in the Plasma menu is created for any launchers that do not specify a category in their .desktop file in the /usr/share/applications folder. If there are no launchers that KDE cannot determine the category, then the Lost and Found category will not show.

Ah I see. So far it has been the only item in that category. But I do not know why it persisted between clean installs :thinking:. So my guess now is it could also be connected to the lost+found directory.

If the package hplip is installed, then hp-uiscan will be present. Each time hplip is updated, the hp-uiscan.desktop file will probably re-appear and you will have to remove it each time hplip is updated.

That could be the reason. I indeed have the the hp printer/scanner package checked during installs. That hp-uiscan must be from it. I thinked wrongly it was the file I downloaded weeks ago. Dang.

It’s only in the lost & found category since it doesnt have a category. I could just fix that by going into its .desktop and adding one.

You can create a pacman hook to automatically remove the hp-uiscan.desktop file whenever hplip is updated:

Create a file /etc/pacman.d/hooks/hp-uiscan-remove.hook

sudo nano /etc/pacman.d/hooks/hp-uiscan-remove.hook

And copy the below lines into the file hp-uiscan-remove.hook and save the file.

Operation = Upgrade
Type = Package
Target = hplip

Description = Remove hp-uiscan.desktop file…
When = PostTransaction
Exec = /bin/sh -c “rm /usr/share/applications/hp-uiscan.desktop”

This hook should remove the hp-uiscan.desktop file whenever the hplip package is updated.

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IMO, a much better solution would be to either override it in ~/.local/share/applications or just edit it by right-clicking and choosing “Edit applications”.

I think removing a package file and then creating a hook to keep it from coming back is an over complicated solution in this case.

I only suggested removing the launcher. The package and the functionality is still present.

The launcher is one of the files in the package, right?

Either way, it is a solution, but there are much better and easier solutions available.

You can also simply remove hp-uiscan in the menu editor (it will only be hidden). This is then permanent.


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