I tried cloning EOS Xfce theme on i3wm

…But I failed I guess :sweat_smile: Couldn’t totally copy the theme but ended up creating an altogether different theme instead. But its mostly sane… apart from the fact that my rofi configs are a big mess.
Decided to share it with y’all.

I wanted to replicate the traditional desktop feel, and I’d like to hear what else you might want to have in a window manager theme that tries to resemble a DE. Currently it has a power menu, a whisker menu-like rofi drun, and the launchers at bottom.

Dotfiles are here if anybody’s wanting to give it a try.

Take care.


Looks very cool and I like how well organized and commented the config is.

Now, I am not into theming (to say the least :sweat_smile:), but wouldn’t xfce panel provide more authentic look? Unless you actually wanted to avoid using any of the xfce things :slight_smile:


Indeed, the xfce panel would’ve provided a more xfce-like look. But that would’ve taken away the challenge :smile:
Writing the polybar took the major part of my time, trying to make it look like xfce.


Thanks a lot!. I had been planning to add more comments and stuff, so that the config becomes more accessible by new users.


Is that xfce4-panel you’re using at the bottom?

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That is polybar (aur)

Does polybar support system tray icons for example Steam, Mega, or others?

Yes you can enable/disable system tray. Keep in mind that you won’t able to allow/block icons for specific apps from within polybar itself

One limitation is that you cannot position the tray among different modules, as the tray is not a polybar module. It can either be at extreme left, extreme right or center

Add this to polybar config

tray-position = right

Following are the complete options for system tray

; Position of the system tray window
; If empty or undefined, tray support will be disabled
; NOTE: A center aligned tray will cover center aligned modules
; Available positions:
;   left
;   center
;   right
;   none
tray-position =

; If true, the bar will not shift its
; contents when the tray changes
tray-detached = false

; Tray icon max size
tray-maxsize = 16

; DEPRECATED! Since 3.3.0 the tray always uses pseudo-transparency
; Enable pseudo transparency
; Will automatically be enabled if a fully transparent
; background color is defined using `tray-background`
tray-transparent = false

; Background color for the tray container 
; ARGB color (e.g. #f00, #ff992a, #ddff1023)
; By default the tray container will use the bar
; background color.
tray-background = ${root.background}

; Tray offset defined as pixel value (e.g. 35) or percentage (e.g. 50%)
tray-offset-x = 0
tray-offset-y = 0

; Pad the sides of each tray icon
tray-padding = 0

; Scale factor for tray clients
tray-scale = 1.0

Taken from the wiki

Thanks for your reply. Do you happen to have a screenshot of this configuration?

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See the first post here. I’ve posted three screenshots. In each of them, I’ve placed the system tray at the extreme right on bottom. In the first screenshot, I have Network manager (wifi icon) and Strawberry Music Player running. That will give you an idea how it looks.


Oh, I’m sorry I didn’t read it fully. I didn’t polybar could do that. It looks amazing. I will definitely have a try when I get back home after my vacation. Thanks for the awesome effort! Thumbs up!


really nice config :slight_smile:

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Sure play around with polybar! You can literally make it look the way you want. I’ll probably be able to help you out if my exams don’t happen :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks! :smile:


by the way, I’m using sway :slight_smile:
but unfortunately I have not a lot of free time to try your config

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Sway too is cool I’ve heard (and quite similar to i3)
I have it on my list… just waiting for my exams to be over so I can try out sway

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