I think I know what the appeal of EndeavourOS is for me

I really like doing all my OS management from the command line. I’ve got Guake installed for my “drop down” terminal window and it just kinda reminds me of when I would tinker with Linux back in the earlier days before there were so many (very well designed) GUI tools out there. It’s kinda like getting into a car with a manual transmission again. There’s just sort of a “comfortable familiarity” to it…


For anyone under 25, these are automobiles that have 3 lower pedals and a gear lever that goes left and right as well as up and down. It’s much harder to update your Twitter while piloting such a beast.


In Germany this is highly illegal and can cost quite some money. :wink:
No holding the mobile in your hands while driving and no use of touchscreen. Only voice control and phone must put in a stand or something similar.

That’s why you can still buy proper cars there. It’s nearly impossible to find a new vehicle with a true gearbox anymore.

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In Europe, automatic is an extra, like an afterthought in the carmakers’ offerings. Truth be told, I drove one as a rental, but still prefer manual. It’s less complexity from a mechanical point of view and lower maintenance, as in fewer things that can break.


True, but the trend is towards automatic. VW i.e. recently announced that they will offer automatic transmissions exclusively starting 2023 (with the exception of their ultra compact models).

O yeah! My first was a 1968 Chevelle SS 396, 375 hp, 4 speed, 4.10 rear gear, NO power steering, NO power brakes, NO Air conditioning, drum brakes only!

Like EnOS… I just loved that car!!!


Yea I wanted to mention that VW is pushing their automatic technology. But at the same time they are pushing their electric line-up. In the end it won’t even mater. It will be just a button to move forward :slight_smile:

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A smile? Ooof. That’s sad to me. Those stupid battery powered cars are so bad fit the environment it makes me cringe.

The main thing that bugs me about the electrics (well, one of TWO things) is that they are essentially a dead end, and thus a waste of money and resources to develop in the way they are. There is enough research into using hydrogen as a power source (whether by fuel cell, by using it to produce alternate fuels (see Porsche) or using it directly (see JCB and others) - so it seems likely to become the replacement sooner or later. Unfortunately governments seem sold on electric, and ignore the problems (including environmental ones!) that they cause - just embracing the cleaner air where THEY live!

I guess all that ICE tech developed over the last hundred years or so will come back into its own after a while - but I wish we would get on with expanding hydrogen infrastructure!

I wonder what a '68 big block Camaro will be like with a hydrogen engine swap? :grin: Maybe a few restomod tweaks too - like brakes!


Ooooooooooo! Me likey! :heart_eyes:

I guess I’ve watched too many Barrett-Jackson auctions… and I want a replacement frame in there too…:grin:

Of course, I can live with some newer stuff too, like certain upgraded Supras… actually I might not mind getting my old one back, in good shape of course!

I’d better slow down here - OT alert!

'merica!!! lol. Mine was a Ivy Metallic Green 1966 Mustang fastback with a inline 6 and 3-speed automatic. Loved that car.

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Amazing that both of you made it to today! My early cars didn’t have power steering - but they didn’t need it either…back when cars didn’t weigh so much as now (Mini, DAF, Marina, Capri, Toyota Crown, etc etc)
All Arch-like - manual transmissions! Double-clutched double downshifts perfectly performed are just like a sweet multi-layered terminal command (that works!).

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Detroit muscle… just have to get under the hood and tinker with it!
Reminds me of Arch… just have to tinker with it!

I took that old Chevelle to about 600 hp, I wonder how much I’ll get out of EndeavourOS!? :crazy_face:

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What you describe reminds me of a time when I could only use Debian in a terminal because the X server could not be configured properly. So at least I could learn the necessary commands. Then, when I installed a later release, I suddenly had a desktop.

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