I survived a year with EOS. I love it

I grew up on Windows. I didn’t know better, only that it played Elite Force, Jedi Outcast, and Soldier of Fortune. A few years ago I started investigating Linux as a daily driver, and for a little bit I ran Manjaro because I heard it was wicked. It wasn’t. It actually crashed my computer every few days. I went back to Windows for a little bit, but then I heard about EndeavourOS, and how it was everything Manjaro was claimed to be.

Well, a year later, I’m quite happy with EndeavourOS. I’m learning to love computers and machinery again because of it. Earlier this week the Mesa ordeal screwed up my PC, but because of some looking on the Wiki and these forums I got this puppy barking in no-time. I know that’s surface stuff for most of you, but I don’t get a lot of wins in life these days.

See you out there.


Good to hear and welcome to the forum!

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Happy days :smiley: Pleased to hear you’re embracing the purpleness, and welcome to the forum. :enos_flag: :enos:

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Hi! and very happy to see your having the good fight and claiming victories :smiley:

May you continue to have the best of good times with your computing machinery and this wonderful software :+1:

Looking forward to read about your adventures down the log :wink:
Take care!

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I am also fully in love with Endeavour. First Linux distribution which could make me ditch Windows entirely. However, as I love gaming and as I am running a Nvidia RTX 4070-ti, this is not yet possible as many new games just do not run well on Linux. But as soon as nVidia fixes that, I will switch completely…again :wink:

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Hey! Welcome to the party! Isn’t it great to have a computer you actually own, fix, and control? There’s a world of discovery out there in terms of what you can do, and make, with Linux-based kit. I have a few Raspberry Pi-based projects on the go, and looking to see what else I can do with them for home automation this year. What lights the fire when it comes to machinery for you?

Keep on learning! :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the dark side @HeavyBlue762

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Applause for you! :clap:t6:

Seriously - Any challenge that we overcome is a feat. Big or small is relative. :mountain_snow:

For instance. I’m Linux newb. :nerd_face: [90 days of using more or less]. Aside from reading Arch Wikis and YouTube I don’t have any real knowledge or tech background. :man_shrugging:t6:

I’ve been really enjoying tweaking things to my liking. I’ve found really good FOSS to suit my workflow. My setup is starting to look good :rice: , feel really comfortable :coat: , and I’m feeling better about navigating and making use of the terminal. :keyboard: :muscle:t6:

After reading through Reddit for a while, and largely on impulse - I decided to give Fedora a try the other night.
My thought process was that it might be good to explore and familiarize myself with it because it’s sort of similar to RHEL and could maybe translate to some professional use or role for me in the future. :moneybag: :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed:

Bad idea. I started late and even though I followed YouTube to a freaking tee :pinching_hand:t6: and read through hella forums/wikis before partitioning, I came across issues trying to get it installed to dual boot with EOS. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Not exactly sure where I messed up, but at some point it was almost 3AM :roll_eyes: and all I knew was I didn’t want to lose my system since I’ve already committed and started using it as my main laptop for school and such. :man_technologist:t6:

“Take me back baby please!! I’m sorry!” :sob: :enos:

I ended up playing around on the live USB and fiddling on the grub-rescue. :face_with_monocle:

Long story short, I’ve got rEFInd working with systemd-boot now, I’m back on my desktop - and I’ll start following best practice and learn about backing up. :floppy_disk: :sweat_smile:

After the experience, I actually laughed about it for a while - because it sucked, but I felt accomplished. Really, it made me appreciate everything that I’ve learned and the community so much more. :globe_with_meridians: :enos_flag:

Because just a year ago had I seen the same screens I would’ve sworn it was screwed, been bummed out, and put it on eBay for parts. :drooling_face:

TL:DR - That’s what’s up! I’m a newb too. Just broke my system the other night. Felt good to fix it myself. :grin:


It is. SpoOoky actually touched on a very obscure reason for me wanting to switch. They mention gaming, and how they’re all about it. Back in the day, I used to play games that felt feral: Spamming the spacebar to jump was sprinting and aiming the photon burst down and shooting was super-jumping and launched you across the map. It was outrageous, but it was freedom. When games started to change they just felt too tame - still do for me. Windows started to feel like this. That’s about when I decided to dive into Linux. It does not disappoint. It’s all on you and it is pure freedom.

Machinery-wise, I like things that do things. I have heard of this Rasberry-Pi and I know a lot of people use those to put some wicked stuff together. I would like to investigate how to use those or the other one to develop a home security system of sorts. Could such a system be developed to do simple tasks like dropping blinds, slamming doors, or sliding bars on windows? I feel like there’s an open source solution for that.

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I can tell you that I am saving money with the intention of building a PC that can run GTA 6 as well as does whatever else I want. That’s probably the only game I really care about right now. The others I’ve seen really just don’t do it for me. Actually, I mentioned you in another comment below because of this subject. I hope you get where you want to be. I know very little about games and graphic hardware anymore, but I’m learning.

See, that’s me right now. I think the only saving grace I have is that 7 years as a mechanic warped my head to think differently. When Bash throws trouble codes, I can usually navigate it.

Yeah EOS is the best Linux distro in my opinion!
I have been using it for like 2 years now(with 2 reinstalls).

I’m some what new to Linux just tried it out now and then trueout the years.

My first look at Linux was “good” old Mandrake Linux(later Mandriva Linux and now a fork called OpenMandriva Lx), then Ubuntu and Kbunto(when I found out about KDE).

I have tried a few other distros but no one I liked… Then I saw a video about EndeavourOS Linux on YouTube(don’t remember who it was I was watching a lot of Linux videos sometime after Microsoft announced what thy are doing with Windows 10 and 11 so I sead F Microsoft I’m going Full Linux!

And after the video i downloaded EndeavourOS to an new USB drive I just baught and tried an dual boot with Windows 10 and EOS ran that for a few months the bricked my system somehow(still don’t know how?)
then went full EndeavourOS and no Win10 it’s great!

I have even started donating to the development of EndeavourOS(just a small donation for now just to show my love! :enos: :heart:)

Sorry for long message :laughing:

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Absolutely, - either via logic switches, or off the shelf smart plugs, - there are a ton of things you can with them in conjunction with open-source AI models like https://mycroft.ai/

The world’s your oyster! Start with some relatively simple projects, and work your way up!

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