I See A Wallpaper Pattern Here!

Hello Everyone!
I hope this finds you safe and well!
I was watching my Favorite Star Trek TOS and I was watching “The Doomsday Machine S02E06”, mind you I have been watching TOS for 30 years and I just noticed something today.
Understand I have been using EndeavourOS for 8 months or so, I love wallpaper just like the next person, but I am not a fan of abstract and that is what the default EndeavourOS wallpaper reminds me of, I like it but I like stars and planets better… :slight_smile:
So here are 2 pics, 1 is the EndeavourOS Wallpaper we all know…

Here is a screenshot of the Machine from “The Doomsday Machine S02E06”…
Do you see it?

The pattern is a lot a like… :slight_smile: :grin:
Just saying… Lol
Thought I would pass this along for everyone to see…
God Bless!


Into the maw we go …

Great find, brought a smile to this Trekkie’s face today!


Your welcome! :vulcan_salute:
“Jim you will die like Decker!”