I really like it, this time...?

Funny, I don’t think i ran Cinnamon for long on this more powerful tower. Or they have changed defaults to make it snappier (quicker animations)?

Anyway, I am speculating because every other time I have tried Cinnamon I have gone back to Xfce within a day or two, but this time I see no real difference in response time, just improvements (the Muffin / Mutter window manager is the best one for linux, I think, the least tearing etc) and the customization options in Cinnamon definitely is on par with Xfce. Both panel layout but also all the parts; unlike say Gnome it is just as easy as Xfce to set a different terminal
(I am running Xfce terminal in Cinnamon, it’s just better than Gnome terminal in every way).


You have my blessing. I love Cinnamon.


We’ll see how i feel in a week, but I have another tower coming in November and i think that this will be the default Linux install on that one.


It’s been incredibly stable for me too. Almost a year and a half on my current Cinnamon install. And i just did my first update since May (I wanted to see what would happen). Other than rebuilding yay, and pacnew files - everything was great!


What’s not to like about Cinnamon? It’s a great desktop. I like nemo. No messing around with root privileges just to do simple things.


I did try Cinnamon in a VM. It’s a good DE. It’s clean and polished but still I like XFCE more for some reason.

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Please stop making me want to try other DE! I just installed kde +i3wm yesterday from the new iso, and xfce+i3wm two days ago. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Personally the existence of Budgie has always been a little confusing to me since Cinnamon is a fork of Gnome 3 (not Gnome 2, like Mate) that already does everything Budgie set out to do. But that’s just me and personal preferences / thoughts.

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I never tried budgie. But looking at the packages it seems to be shipping with more gnome apps, perhaps a closer to gnome version but with more traditional desktop feeling.

For me its odd, I was really a happy gnome gtk2 user on Ubuntu a couple of years ago. After that I was hopping between kde and gnome. With some cinnamon when I want to spice it up.

But you’ll never know until you Raven. . . .

That’s So Raven. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t consider Budgie a clear Fork, it still relies on Gnome installed parallel to it for the best possible experience (it even says so in the Arch Wiki: install the Gnome meta package with it).

Again, this is NOT me badmouthing Budgie.

I’ve tried “Budgie” and it never really feels right outside of Solus.

I might add, Solus is a properly fantastic distro.


Every review I saw applauds solus, I should really give it a spin at least in a VM. Love testing new distros, and solus is own I never tried neither.


I’ve literally only heard good things about it.

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Other than i had an issue with a flatpak which was probably not the fault of Solus, it is without a doubt in my top 5 distros.


Actually It seems better now since with the new ISO as it has the feature to add desktop folders. It’s actually a lot more like the Solus version and a little less Gnome like feeling.

Ya. . . But I don’t really like it anywhere near enough to replace KDE with it, so it gives me more reason to go back and check out Solus again. I very much recommend everyone check it out, it’s definitely a great distro.

I love Solus also and the EndeavourOS install now is more like it than before is all I’m pointing out.


My main issue with anything but Arch is the AUR, basically. Plus I have spent most time with Arch so… makes it easier to fix stuff breaking.

Fedora is great, Pop! is great, Solus sounds great but I have never actually installed it… but having to do anything more complicated than “yay -S (package name)” to install things is so annoying :stuck_out_tongue: