I need your help describing certain DEs

I am working on the new info for the website after the net-installer has launched.

Until now I’m struggling to describe some Desktop Environments without repeating myself.
The DEs I’m talking about are Gnome, Budgie and Deepin.

Do you have any suggestions for a short description that explain these DEs?

This is a serious question, so please, no bashing of the DEs in question. Keep in mind I’m asking for your help to provide it on our website info.


Gnome: A modern stylish desktop with an unique keyboard centric workflow.

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An idea? Well, going to official sites of every single one, and trying to make it your way?

For example, Gnome 3.xx: https://www.gnome.org/gnome-3/

Gnome is focusing on simplicity, direct access to applications. Productivity is its keyword. No distractions, straight to what you want to do, either on your computer or on the internet.

Budgie? https://getsol.us/solus/experiences/

With Budgie Desktop, you can mix modernity and traditions. Based on a classical display and an all-in-one settings bar for music, video and more, welcome to the 21st century!

Deepin? Well, I don’t know :confused:

@FredBezies I did that, but I felt I was repeating myself, those DEs are so similar.

Other question: Plasma Ram requirements 2GB or 4GB, what do you all reckon?

All DEs are using the same display, besides Gnome.

Ram? Well… Let’s say something like this:

  1. Less than 1 Gb: OpenBox
  2. Between 1 and 2 Gb: LXQt, Xfce
  3. Between 2 and 4 Gb: Mate-Desktop and Cinnamon
  4. Above 4 Gb: Budgie, Deepin, Gnome and Plasma

Even if you can run Budgie, Deepin, Gnome and Plasma with less than 4 Gb, you’ll pay it quickly :frowning:

Of course, other people point of view are welcome on my list!


My thoughts also.

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less then 4GB may working with the DE itself … as long as you do not open a browser :wink: so i would recommend 4GB for the minimum today.
Per default Arch is using also tmpfs stored in RAM so it can get full on many different tasks…


Deepin DE the first Chinese DE that proposes an elegant and easy interface based on the OSX model. The idea is to bring and use design ability on Linux to reach a beautiful environment on a user-friendly interface.

  • The system parameter that appears vertically on the side let you setup everything you need.
  • The Launchpad is closed to OSX, in one click you could start or add you app. in the menu

The portage of the Deepin DE is already used by all the references Distributions as Archlinux, Fedora, Gentoo, Manjaro, Antergos, Ubuntu etc…

I will complete when I have time… :wink:


Thank you, this is enough for me to use as a base.

I wrote to Deepin France to get more technicals info about it…So don’t loose time with it, I will give you some infos later…

And I will see to add us on their List here https://www.deepin.org/fr/dde/desktop-transplantation/
When French version will be in place.

If you want some exact technical questions ask now ?


Here’s the description on Wikipedia for Deepin. Might help in describing the DDE:


Deepin features its own desktop environment called Deepin DE (DDE), which is written in Qt.[15] The distribution also maintains their own Window Manager, dde-kwin.[16] The desktop environment was described as “the single most beautiful desktop on the market” by Jack Wallen writing for TechRepublic.[17]

Besides Deepin, other Linux distributions such as Arch Linux have started to include the Deepin Desktop Environment in their package repositories,[18] and Manjaro Linux has a community-supported version that comes with the Deepin Desktop Environment.[19] The Desktop Environment is also available in the software repositories of Fedora 30[17].

I admit it’s a bit long of a description, but it might give you an idea on how to describe it.

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In case you need pictures of it there on their website :


I’m using your wallpapers for each DE. :wink:

Neat, truth would be better to put a picture from DE in real condition on EOS…

That’s what I’m doing.


personal, if you describe in level as example .

level 1 : wm’s openbox i3 etc…
level 2 lxqt xfce mate
level 3 plasma
level 4 cinnamon / budgie??
level 5 gnome / dde

plasma is not so big, plasma is big as you wanna make big with it… thats my opinion, some week configured gnome here, at cold start i saw 1200mb using… with plasma i didnt had , it came atleast close to xfce sorta stuf… i thought mate is not also so big these days…

cinnamon has the older gnome code but budgie is based on the current gnome code. plasma i would describe atleast as flexible & configurable desktop :slight_smile:


Gnome: Minimalistic, yet full featured and extensible to meet individual needs. Focused on productivity and simplicity.


And removing features on every single new version :rofl:


I love Gnome, but this is kind of true… :rofl:


One could say about GNOME:
GNOME provides easy and elegant way to use your computer. It is sufficiently refined to use professionally as installed, yet also allows a great degree of configurability. It is so widely used that you will find lots of help in configuring it to your heart’s desire.